10/12 College Game Day

Thought I’d park this here instead of the abyss that we love to call the OTT (Over The Top). Best college game day of the season today. All starts with the classic Tex/Okla at noon. Then on to Ala/TxA&M, MSU/Wisc, Penn St/Iowa, USC/ND, Fla/LSU, and a few other good lower tier games.

Good thing its a gloomy day outside. Won’t feel guilty about parking my ass in the LazyBoy and drink beer all day.

A first for me at the Tex/Okla game. A pre-game warm up “todo”"at midfield gave each team a personal foul. Which means any player that commits a foul, will be ejected.

Any OU player that shows a horns down will be ejected

Georgia losing at home in the fourth. That’s a biggie.

I just moved from Columbia. My text messages are blowing up right now because of this SC vs GA game.

Michigan is trying to give this game away.


Whatever it takes to get Harbaugh fired.


SC just got raped. Pass interference on an uncatchable ball in the end zone.

I would really like to see the replay on that “holding” call that went against South Carolina. There have been a couple of very, very timely calls for Georgia in this one.

Even when Michigan is winning I’m bored with this team. This has to be the most uninspiring Wolverine team I’ve ever watched. Boring, boring, boring.

Stupid penalties, inept offense, poor QB play, turn over after turn over.

Nothing has made me change my mind that they still have 3, probably 4 more losses coming.

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You liked watching Brady Hoke’s team better?

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As a matter of fact yes. I always had some level of hope, misguided as it was.

I have zero hope in this team and the way it’s being ran.

How does Shea keep getting worse? What happened there?

And he’s getting worse with 3 WR on the team that will probably be playing in the NFL one day.

This whole offense, and Patterson’s play, is puke worthy.

It was holding not PI.

Yea, not happening

What a terrible play call by S. Carolina.

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Maybe Michigan just isn’t a top tier program. They are a 2nd tier program now. Definitely way behind OSU in the big ten.

SC pulled it off!

Georgia has to win the SEC championship now to make it into the tourney…maybe they did anyway to begin with.
If Ohio St, Clemson, and Oklahoma all go undefeated and Georgia beats Bama in the SEC Championship, would Bama knock one of the other teams out?