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Screw that tie crap!
Kellie Rowe (10-2): 30-27 Lions
Jerry Mallory (8-4): 27-26 Lions
Hamza Baccouche (8-4): 32-31 Lions
Ryan Mathews (7-5): 31-24 Lions
Morgan Cannon (7-5): 28-24 Lions
Kyle Yost (7-5): 30-27 Vikings
Jeremy Reisman (7-5): 34-28 Lions
John Whiticar (7-5): 34-28 Lions
Erik Schlitt (7-5): 31-28 Lions
Mike Payton (6-6): 38-25 Lions
Alex Reno (5-7): 27-24 Lions
Chris Perfett (0-0-12): 20-20 Tie

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There is no freaken way with these 2 offenses we tie after 10 minutes of OT

Although I did predict the Lions to go 7-9-1 before the season… the tie won’t be today


This confuses me.

Hmmm… a tie might actually help our playoff chances since it puts us level with the Commanders and Giants again, who we have tiebreakers against.

A tie is like taking your sister to the prom… yes you got a date but it’s your freaken sister.

The only thing worse than a tie in american football, is a tie in actual football aka as soccer. The nil-nil tie, what an event! haha everyone goes home frustrated

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A tie is a win because of the tiebreakers

Why would a tie help versus a win?


Though I do get that a tie would be more beneficial than it would normally be.

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A tie is not a win. A tie is a tie. It doesn’t matter if we have a tie if we finish 8-8-1 and NYG and NYJ finish 9-7-1


A win is better for sure, I’m just saying it might end up helping us.

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Do you think WAS and NYG were both playing for a tie? I didn’t watch the game excluding the last 2 minutes of overtime but I heard much discussion on the radio about how neither team seemed aggressive in OT.

I watched quite a bit of that game at a sports bar and it was more like doing anything after halftime for either team felt like pulling teeth. They couldn’t get anything going. I definitely think Washington was fine with a tie towards the end of OT when they punted, they could have gone for it and left theirselves open for defeat, but they didn’t. And there was no guarantee they would have scored on that drive anyway. Especially the way they’d been playing.

If you predict a tie in an nfl game you are really just saying i want to be wrong right? I know ties happen but we are talking like 2 or 3 a year… i guess if you predict it and are right you can brag about being right but does anyone think that prediction is a legitimate attempt

All the love going to the Lions only means one thing, we’ll lose.

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HIs strategy is that at worst he is .500 if he picks a tie every time. And if he hits one actual tie that he ends up with zero losses!

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