10 preliminary candidates to be the Lions top NFL draft pick at No. 29 overall

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I quit reading at Kool Aid.
He’s our guy!

It would be 3 straight years that we took #1 out of Alabama!


Worked the first two times.

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A 334 pound OC who moves well and can play guard, my pick.

It’s a pretty good list. I’d add Johnny Newton and Quinyon and Terrion as it’s hard to say which CB will slide.

Only one I am not ok with is Dice the rest would fit.

3 of the 10 guys are O lineman. I get they are worried about Ragnow but we have bigger needs than an O lineman. Maybe that changes if Rags tells us he’s packing it in.

Never pass on Koolaid… okay maybe if you have diabetes. But seriously Koolaid is the cause of and solution to all the Lions problems.

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Someone gets it!

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Who has 2 thumbs and gets it?

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Or, if you want to see 50 options for pick #29, check out the 2024 draft thread!

Kool Aid seems so particularly apropos.

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“He regularly works out with Lions All-Pro RT Penei Sewell and plays with the same brand of angry power and technical prowess. Of the players listed here, Powers-Johnson is the least likely to make it to No. 29”


I’m just mad my wife only let me watch that movie once last week.

His opinion, not mine. Tyler Linderbaum made it to 25, and he was a generational prospect.

In many ways, but he was also in something like the 6th percentile for weight at his position and IIRC even lower than that for arm length.

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