The price of oil today, unreal.

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Crazy times… I filled up Saturday for $1.29/gallon… Billions being lost in the industry.

The ivory back scratcher market is going to be shitty for the immediate future.

Now $10.88…

Filled up at $1.14 yesterday near Flint.

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Irans economy is going to collapse. Venezuela too. Probably a few others

There area few things that I’ve supported Trump on from Day 1, getting out of that f’ing stupid deal with Iran was at the top. Just how many terrorist attacks have we seen since they could no longer afford to pay for them? Venezuela? They’re like that drunk guy at the party who you can’t believe is still standing, and you thought would be passed out 3 drinks ago.



Holy shit $8.83…

Mother of God…$7.95. Any futures players out there?

Love to buy an old oil tank, put it behind my garage and fill it with gas.

Now $5.01…

I believe it’s the front month of the futures market that’s crashing, with expiration occurring this month. If you’re long this contract on expiration day, you have to take delivery. So, unless you own some type of oil storage, it’s time to sell.

I saw it bounce of $1.01…

It went to MINUS $36, how is that even possible?

Paying people to take the oil off their hands. Wow.

I did not think I would ever see the day that oil would literally be worthless. I get how the world market works and everything, but again that’s truly wild stuff.

MBS might have to change his name to IBS

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It bounced off -$40, now at -$18.65…

I’ll bet it’s costing more to store the oil than it is worth. Dairy farmers are dumping huge amounts of milk for the same reason.