12 tackles

Tracey Walker amassed a lot of tackles in that game . Maybe not a good thing but at least he is not letting anybody by him . I like what he is doing .

Good safety. BQ has been terrific in round 3. Bodes well for Will Harris. Even though Hand was a 4 we used a 3 from the next year to get him.

So from round 3 picks BQ has collected: Glasgow, Golladay, Walker, Hand and Harris (who I think will be solid as well)

That’s pretty amazing performance.

Tabor was a whiff but otherwise I can’t really complain much about BQ’s drafting.

I thought both he and Wilson did a nice job yesterday. Wilson played well in PS and it carried over to yesterday

I love what Quinn has done . I am also excited for what he will do with future picks. I will say this Ive been watching lions football for a long time and he is the best gm we have had.

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Wilson is a solid pro. I think we lose a little bit matching up in man with him as opposed to Diggs but he’s probably superior to Diggs in the box. Wilson is just a solid NFL safety.

We’re really good at safety and when Harris starts playing up to his measurables we’re going to have even more length and range back there.

We may have the best secondary in the league?
I never expected the performance we saw yesterday without Slay in the mix.

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It’s hard to separate the tactical element here. I mean we’re regularly rushing 3. That’s a lot of bodies left to deploy into coverage. Therefore our secondary may play up a bit. But we’re talented, well coached and assignment sound.

I thought that if Melvin returned to his ‘17 form we’d be really good but I had no idea that Coleman was anywhere near this good. We might have the league’s best outside CB and the league’s best slot CB. Heck even when Coleman has been outside he’s been elite. I thought we overpaid for him. Turns out we got a steal. A bit like that Marvin Jones signing in that regard.