#2 Michigan to play #3 Georgia


Let’s get it done, Boyz!


Michigan is going to have to play better than the did against Ohio State vs. Georgia.

I hope they can.

Michigan is the best team in the country. This is light work for them.


Michigan has played well beyond my expectations, but they aren’t getting over Georgia or Alabama. Michigan’s game is a power run game. They are going to do that against Georgia? I don’t see it. They had a good run.

I’m glad they are playing the game. Playing an elite team like this will help expose where they need to get better. People wanted Harbaugh fired a year ago. Let’s just enjoy the run they had.

Everybody knew they didn’t want Ala. vs Georgia rematch right off the bat and if they manipulated the rankings to assure that not happening, that sucks.
But as far as who Michigan plays, if they are to be national champs they have to be able to beat anybody. Can they? We’ll see.
But this pairing means they have to beat GA and Ala. to do it.
Unless Cincy can beat Ala. of course.

When did LSU replace AL?

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Na, they are not the best team in the country. I give them small chance to beat Georgia

But I am confident they will do better than this…by a long ways. That was probably the worst performance ever in the NCAA playoff era

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Opps LOL
I don’t know why I’ve been saying that since last night. gettin old I guess.

While I hope they can win, realistically I don’t see them beating Georgia or Alabama. They just look so damn fast. I’m not confident that Michigan can keep up with them.
It’s sucked having Ohio state representing the big ten the last few years. I’m glad that I can actually root for the big ten representative this year. I’ve been torn in the past. Since Michigan State was in it what, the first year? It’s been Ohio state in for the big ten. While a small-VERY small-piece of me wanted the big ten team to win it, the bigger part of me wanted them(Ohio state)to get STOMPED. Now I can breathe a bit easier. Not very deep breaths, but easier.

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I feel like we need a new term for when you do this.

Imma call it…



What’s the latest talk-if any-about expanding the CFP?

If we are doing an honest ranking I would put


It ends in the same outcome but all bias aside that’s how I see them.

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It needs to happen in my mind…but will they? Maybe when Alabama misses the playoffs

The last I heard was an expansion to 12. If it’s voted on, I believe this month, it could happen as soon as next season.

We’ll have to find out if it’s ok with the SEC first. They run college football.

The guys that have come out against expanding the playoffs: Nick Saban, Dabo Sweeney and Ohio States AD. Can say that I blame them. There is less parity in college football than in any other college or pro sport—and that’s exactly the way those guys like it. College football is run by the SEC and ESecPN.

I’m not sure what to call it either. But I do appreciate when someone picks up on it.


So you want to expand the playoffs in hopes that maybe someone will knock off a team like Alabama before you have to face them?

Just sets up the Championship game of Michigan Cincinnati


I think going to 8 would let them let some of the teams from lesser conferences have a chance to prove themselves.

I think back to the Boise St teams of the Kellen Moore era. They were the powerhouse in a weak conference. The were always whining when they would go undefeated and not make the playoffs but they really were not going to get put in over a 1 loss SEC team. Where they really really good or was their competition just that weak? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: If Cincy had NOT beat ND , but had beat any other team not in the final 4 and gone undefeated I am positive ND would be in and Cincy would be out.

That is why I would like to see them go to 8. I would have loved to see Boise State get the chance with one of the undefeated teams to put up or shut up. One time getting their ass handed to them when they were undefeated would make their whining easier to dismiss after that. But nobody will ever know what those Kellen Moore undefated teams would have done against the top teams in the country. I THINK I know…but I can’t really know.

As it is…there is usually at least one if not two teams that are only out because of the subjective opinion of the committee. I could argue that Ohio State is better than CIncy this year. Or even MSU better than Cincy.

I think going to 8 would really let the committee insure that the best teams in the country get the chance to show what they can do and be less subjective and biased