#2 v #3 pick

If the Tua talk continues, I think Washington takes the trade down. The have a stacked D Line and Kerrigan has said he wants to stay in Washington. I could see Washington taking trade offers and passing on Young, leaving Detroit with the best player in the draft, but a ton of holes. Gonna be a huge off season for the Lions.

How good is Young? Is he a power, speed or finesse rusher? How is his motor? How is his work ethic? Would he be better to add some bulk, play lighter or stay where he’s at? How is he vs the run? Any injury history? How coachable is he? Is he fit for a particular scheme or does he have scheme flexibility?

I agree. They are without a second. Sweat appears to be the real deal in terms of pass rush.

If they add Young they would have to sit arguably one of their best 10/12 players even if they cut Kerrigan (Ioniddis, Payne, Sweat, Allen.)

Plus given the value chart a trade with Miami would likely get them at least 5, a ‘20 first and pick 39. That’s significantly more than Mack generated in return.

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I also believe that Washington would likely take the trade if it’s a good one.

I figure that there is a good chance Young makes it to DET and if the Lions pass on Young than Bob Q. And MP should immediately be fired.

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Well folks, there’s a huge drop from #2 to #3.
Don’t hype yourself into a frenzy. Trading back would be nice, and fun for the fans who have no fun in January and February, but, unless we can convince teams behind us that we’re going to take Tua, the #3 pick just isn’t worth much.

The number three pick is likely to be worth a lot this year if Tua is there and deemed healthy

you can read all the rankings, scouting reports and comments, what he is good at and isn’t, where he is best suited to play and compare different sites what they say. you can watch highlight videos of him and form your own opinion.

It’s not necessary for teams to think the Lions will take Tua
Might is good enough
All that is really required are 2 teams that WANT Tua


If Tua is healthy and can convince two teams of it than there will be a bidding war. At #2 or #3. Tua is a rare talent and all we need is for two teams to buy in.

I won’t be shocked if Tua, Herbert and Burrows Go 1-3 to be honest. … yes I would but let’s dream anyway.

Think of it like this.
Burrows goes 1 to Cincy
Miami plays coy because they like Tua and Herbert. They sit pat and SD jumps to #2 and drafts Tua ahead of Miami.
Miami panics when DET fields phone calls from IND, Jax, Car and TB all trying to feel out a cost to trade up. BQ being the savvy GM he is (Look this is a dream scenario ok …lol) he convinces Mia he has serious trade offers on the table for teams wanting Herbert. Mia decides to get in the game and moves up to 3. Lions trade down to 5 and get 3 second rounders too. NYG take an OT out of desperation and the Lions land Young at 5… lol

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It seriously could happen.

The hype I was speaking of.
Have it your way.
Hard to convince teams behind you when the guy is on record not wanting to come here.

It’s the offseason - time for dream scenarios.

Don’t try to bring reality in here … lol

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Hard to convince teams behind you when the guy is on record not wanting to come here. That’s all I’m saying.

I realize that… but honestly cub, I’d rather hear these questions answered by Den members who have watched him because they have a good idea of what we might be looking for and who may fit. I love hearing different takes here.

Why stop there? The Redskins are now drafting 6th since trading down with the Chargers and everyone knows they are going OT, since one has already come off the board with NY’s 4th pick, and they already passed on Young once. So, we start getting calls to jump Washington for the coveted second best OT. Washington panics and gives us 6OA to get their OT, along with their second rounder. So now we get Chase Young at 6. We then package three of our five second rounders to the Cardinals and get Okudah or Brown at 8…


…then we get our home run hitting RB, and starting DE as well.

The Giants would not pass on Young

Don’t crush the dream … lol

too bad Quinn doesn’t think this way , I think if he landed ONE “maybe” TWO of the star prospects example Young and Brown , he would revert to taking 4th round barely serviceable players to bargain shop the rest of the way…me? I’d be shocked if he had the sense or balls to draft Young. BUT we’ll see how much he wants to open the musty checkbook and pay for top talent and TRY to save his job…if he cares about saving it.

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