2010 Seattle Seahawks draft

Good Morning Football just discussed this. Other than the Cowboys draft in the early 90s, I can’t think of a more formidable draft for one team.

1.6: Russell Okung (2x Pro Bowler)
1.14: Earl Thomas (7x Pro Bowler)
2.60: Golden Tate (Awesome)
5.133: Kam Chancellor (5x Pro Bowler)

That group helped lead them to two Super Bowls.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Here we are as Lions fans thrilled if 1 of our picks turns into something.

Here’s hoping Brad can do this in 2022. If we can get Hutch and move up and nab Hamilton, maybe?


74’ Steelers is an All-Time great draft. 4 Hall of Famers

Including Hugh Lickiss out of Simpson in the 12th round.

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The Bears took Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus in the same draft and never made the playoffs. LoL

Saints 2017:

11OA: Marshon Lattimore
32OA: Ryan Ramczyk
42OA: Marcus Williams
67OA: Alvin Kamara
76OA: Alex Anzalone
103OA: Trey Hendrickson

That’s an all-timer.


Or stay at 32 and get the superior S in Cine.

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That just shows that it takes an entire team.

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