2011 Season.....the 5-0 start

…Aa I recall, prompted me posting an apology to the Lions, on this very Forum.

We all know what entailed, thereafter.

GREAT effort, yesterday. Made us proud.

But let’s see…


Back then, it felt like a house of cards, to me. This time, it feels very, very different. Not flukey or lucky. Our guys genuinely believed they could and should win that game. If we get healthy and show up like that every week, we will win way more than anyone expects.

Good to see you in here again, Brother Dale! Welcome back!

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If I recall Best went down…and our season quickly followed.


Yeah, perhaps even more than Stafford that offense was designed for Best. Smallish lineman ideally suited for pass blocking and a ton of short passes that acted more or less as a de facto run game.

It cost us play action but worked ok when we had someone fast like Best who could catch and move in space

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Best and Scheffler went down. Best early in the SF loss and Scheffler in the previous MNF game vs bears with the concussion. Lost Tulloch, who was fresh off a top 100 voting, in game 2 vs GB I believe…

Key players, but back then we didn’t have the depth.


Tulloch was lost during the 2014 season, not the 2011 season

The big thing about Best was…he made teams pay for overplaying Calvin Johnson. But it must be remembered that we were not fielding a real football team back then. We had holes in our starting lineup and our depth was pretty much non-existent. Best was an important puzzle piece and its hard to replace what he brought to the table. But at the same time, I think we were in a situation where any starting caliber RB should have been able to come in and have some great success. We didn’t have one of those. Behind Best we had 32 year old Maurice Morris, Keiland Williams, a washed up Jerome Harrison and we brought Kevin Smith back in off the street. The “plan” was obviously to have a rookie Mikel LeShoure in the fold, but he went down in camp.

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Ahhh lol… Playoff seasons are starting to run together…

For a recent few I thought Stafford had only 2 playoff appearances… That one year we dropped 4 straight and undeservedly backed in was a blank to me! Lol