2019 DB Lineup?

So what is the 2019 lineup at DB? Slay’s obviously a lock, as is Diggs (somewhere). Beyond that, how does it look?

I’d think that Agnew and Walker are back, with Agnew in the slot, and Walker playing safety, either in place of Quin or as the #3 safety. So that leaves us with the following questions:

-Who is the #2 corner? I’d assume Lawson. Shead, Tabor, and Ford are all available, but I don’t think any of them are the answer at Corner (Ford was pretty much responsible for all the pass yardage surrendered against the Lions on Sunday) .

-What happens with Glover Quin? He had a strong game this week, but I’m not sure the Lions bring him back, especially if they like what they see in Walker.

-What happens with safety and DB depth? If Quin stays, then Walker is the safety depth. If he doesn’t, who is the #3 safety? Wilson? Killebrew? Tabor? And who backs up the DBs? None of the DBs on the roster right now beyond Slay, Lawson, and Agnew are good enough, in my opinion.

Safety will be Diggs, Walker and Wilson soaking up 85+% of the snaps. Wilson continues to be solid and economical, while Diggs and Walker have more upside to their game as they go along. This may be the only position group that I love. 4th safety I would give to whoever can be a ST ace …Killerbrew or Washington…possibly both depending if they carry 10 DBs.

CB we really dont have a #2. We have a shutdown, a pretty goodish nickel in Lawson and a dime burner in Agnew. If we dont go Rd 1 for CB then there is a really solid group of 5 or so non shutdown but very nice #2 CB in fa for 8m AAV or so… #5 corner needs to be developmental, be it Fird or Cooper or someone else.

The #2 corner isn’t on the roster currently and Slay, Diggs and Walker are the other starters with Nevin as the nickle.