2019 rules change proposals were submitted. Here's what they proposed


Ooooh, I love this stuff.

KC - yes on overtime both teams get a chance

Den - no on eliminating the onside kick. Isn’t the AAF already playtesting the “give them a 4th and 12” or something like that?

Washington - Yes on “all plays reviewable” although I think Detroit gets f-d with this rule in a most counterintuitive way.

Multiple teams - yes on reviewing “safety” violations

Philly. I thought all scoring plays and turnovers were already automatic reviews? I like it if that’s not the case.

Denver - yes review short. Right now refs call TDs and just to let the replay do the job. This way they have no such bias.

Denver - ditto.

nothing earth shattering here.

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PS Bring Back The Two Line Pass


The Philly one would auto review even if the score/turnover was negated by a penalty.

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Ahhh, ok, then yeah, review that one.

I’m confused. What’s the point of reviewing something that was negated by penalty?

I think they are going to review to make sure that impactful plays are not overturned by phantom penalties.

I could be wrong, but I think that is what they are going for.