2020 Draft to be held at Caesar's Palace

NOT Downtown LV as previously expected.

Red carpet to be at Bellagio.


Gonna be nuts! If my restaurant is open by then I’d love to attend that event.


Not to be confused with LCA and PofAH… Ugh!!!

Opening a restaurant? Good for you . Always wanted to invest and partner up in a Restaurant and never did . Cuisine ? Bar?

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If I had a stack of extra money I’d be trying to get into a food truck, so this talk is pretty cool.

Give us deets!

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Hahaha my investing days are near done " Near done " investing in a independent business Children/Learning center my daughter wants to open up when she graduates College … with the scholarship she obtained for College the funds are in tact so I have it to invest, everything else is tied up until retirement 6 years from now …:grinning: I really want it

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I am gonna open up a topless sports bar - gun range in the desert outside of Vegas

Gonna call it “Hooters N Shooters”

Let me know if you guys want in



You guys are nuts. I opened my first restaurant in 2000, then a banquet facility and catering company in 2005, then another restaurant in 2007, 2nd banquet facility 2008, contract for a country club 2009. I’ll give anyone interested a good deal on all of them. While extremely competitive, you’re only as good as your weakest link, and in the restaurant industry you’re forced to rely on a lot of people that can’t be relied upon. Put myself through business school working in restaurants, loved it. Decided I didn’t want to take a paycheck from anyone so I opened my first restaurant at 26. It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle and a physically and mentally unforgiving one at that. My advice, open the restaurant, make it successful and sell. I used to say my restaurants were like children, they grow and mature developing their own personality. Now they’re teenagers and a huge pain in the ass, not to mention money pits. My wife insists they are no longer an occupation but rather a hobby. :rofl:


Opening a quick service Japanese fusion ramen shop in Portland, OR. Baka Umai is the name. It’s slang for stupid delicious in Japanese. Still working out the lease so nothing is 100% certain yet.

I’m quitting my decent paying job where I’ve been for almost 20 years. It’s a huge risk and I know it’s going to consume all of my life. The wife isn’t too excited but she supports me and my dumb dream. The upside is that I have slave labor in my 3 boys so that’ll help a little.

And that is my biggest fear. Having a quality, dependable staff. The good ones have ambition and want something more than a pedestrian cook/waitress gig.

Portland has a great food scene. If you would like any insights or have questions PM me. Make sure to consult an attorney with regard to your lease, do shorter terms with options. Money spent now, can save you lots on the long run.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to hit you up. I took a restaurant builder’s course at a college in town and we had several guest speakers come in to walk us through the process and pitfalls of the biz. Lawyering up was a class all on its own. I’ve got a guy lined up to review if/when I ever get a copy to sign.

Portland has a great food and beer scene. I’m hoping I can bring something fresh to market that others are not capitalizing on. We had a mini Tokyo invasion over the past few years with large ramen chains opening up multiple shops around town. Now everybody seems to be selling the same thing. I’ve got fresh ideas that I hope the foodies will love.

Nobody tell him this is already a thing …


I’m here for a good time, not a long time.

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There is some merit to this strategy. Alot of restaurants and bars have their most success towards the beginning. Lots of people want to try out the new thing in town. After it’s been around for a while, the newness wears off and only so many places are left shining after that.

As a business strategy, even if you want to own a restaurant until you retire…your advice of opening different restaurants over time and selling the last one makes perfect sense.

Yes sorry Jaded. I already beat you to the punch with my shooting range /male strip joint years ago! Im afraid my lawyers will be in touch with you. How dare you tarnish the good name of Glocks ‘n Cocks!



Clips & Clits

Cocked and Loaded


Let me know when and where. I still have friends in family in the area that would check it out.

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Las Vegas = sandbox for adults

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Always liked Caesar’s sports book. When New York New York first opened, they had a really good one too. Got better odds at the Barbary Coast so I would slide down for a couple of bets. Still like going to the Stratosphere for drinks at sunset, the rest of it doesn’t have the same thrill for me anymore. The art gallery at the Bellagio Fine Art Gallery is worth the $10. I always check out the entertainment at the Orleans as well, used to be able to catch some pretty good blues acts and for some reason I have never left there down. Never made much either, but a win is a win. You can get a good meal just about anywhere. Always like going there, always ready to come home when I leave.

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