2020 HOF nominees

QUARTERBACKs — Randall Cunningham, Jake Delhomme, Boomer Esiason, Jeff Garcia, Jeff Hostetler, Dave Krieg, Donovan McNabb

RUNNING BACKS — Shaun Alexander, Mike Alstott, Tiki Barber, Earnest Byner, Larry Centers, Corey Dillon, Eddie George, Priest Holmes, Edgerrin James, Daryl Johnston, Thomas Jones, Maurice Jones-Drew, Eric Metcalf, Lorenzo Neal, Clinton Portis, Fred Taylor, Herschel Walker, Chris Warren, Ricky Watters

WIDE RECEIVERS — Isaac Bruce, Gary Clark, Donald Driver, Henry Ellard, Torry Holt, Chad Johnson, Derrick Mason, Muhsin Muhammad, Jimmy Smith, Rod Smith, Hines Ward, Reggie Wayne

TIGHT ENDS — Dallas Clark, Ben Coates, Keith Jackson, Brent Jones, Jeremy Shockey, Wesley Walls

OFFENSIVE LINEMEN — Willie Anderson, Matt Birk, Tony Boselli, Lomas Brown, Ray Donaldson, Alan Faneca, Kevin Gogan, Jordan Gross, Chris Hinton, Kent Hull, Steve Hutchinson, Lincoln Kennedy, Olin Kreutz, Chris Samuels, Jeff Saturday, Brian Waters, Richmond Webb, Erik Williams, Steve Wisniewski

DEFENSIVE LINEMEN — John Abraham, La’Roi Glover, Casey Hampton, Chester McGlockton, Leslie O’Neal, Simeon Rice, Richard Seymour, Justin Smith, Neil Smith, Greg Townsend, Bryant Young

LINEBACKERS — Carl Banks, Cornelius Bennett, Lance Briggs, Tedy Bruschi, James Farrior, London Fletcher, Seth Joyner, Wilber Marshall, Clay Matthews, Willie McGinest, Sam Mills**, Chris Spielman**, Takeo Spikes, Darryl Talley, Zach Thomas, Jessie Tuggle, Patrick Willis

DEFENSIVE BACKS — Eric Allen, Steve Atwater, Ronde Barber, LeRoy Butler, Nick Collins, Merton Hanks, Rodney Harrison, Albert Lewis, John Lynch, Terry McDaniel, Tim McDonald, Troy Polamalu, Bob Sanders, Troy Vincent, Darren Woodson

KICKERS — David Akers, Gary Anderson, Jason Elam, Jason Hanson, Ryan Longwell, Nick Lowery,

PUNTERS — Reggie Roby, Rohn Stark, Matt Turk, Sean Landeta, Jeff Feagles

SPECIAL TEAMS — Johnny Bailey, Josh Cribbs, Mel Gray, Brian Mitchell, Steve Tasker

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Outside of possibly McNabb, none of those QBs is Hall of Fame worthy.

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Yeah, really weak class all around. I see Polamalu as the only lock.

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Two Eagle QBs?

I lost a lot of money on Cunningham back in the day.


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Cunningham was awesome in that he had so little to work with coaching wise and made things happen. he was really fun to watch.

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I think Steve Hutchinson and Tory Holt make it, not sure who else

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Jeff Saturday, Eddie George, John Lynch & Rodney Harrison seem worthy…I guess.

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Cunningham had some highlight reel moments, but also 105 fumbles to go with 134 INTs (against 207 TD passes). Performance declined in the playoffs.

Maybe he gets in based on perception.

Priest Holmes gets my vote!

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Carl Banks is interesting…

Good year for some of the fringe guys to get in before the next round of locks become eligible.

I’m thinking Polomalu, Holt, Hutchinson, maybe Lynch (he’ll get in some day regardless), and maybe McGinest or Bruschi? One of those Pats linebackers from that era will get in eventually on a group effort.

I’ve always felt Casey Hampton was the most underrated player in the league during his time. I’d love to see him get his due.

Fred Taylor was one of the most underrated players in the NFL. Had he stayed healthy no doubt he would be a lock. Reggie Wayne and Hines Ward are guys that might have a shot. Although, WRs have a tough time getting in the HOF.

Eddie George was one of the most overrated RBs ever.
I think Boselli is an interesting case. 3x All Pro.
I think Simeon Rice deserves to make it.

Any of these.


RUNNING BACKS Priest Holmes, Eric Metcalf, Herschel Walker, Ricky Watters

WIDE RECEIVERS — Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Hines Ward, Reggie Wayne

TIGHT ENDS — Dallas Clark, Jeremy Shockey

OFFENSIVE LINEMEN — Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Saturday,

DEFENSIVE LINEMEN — John Abraham, Simeon Rice

LINEBACKERS — Tedy Bruschi, Willie McGinest, Chris Spielman

DEFENSIVE BACKS — Eric Allen, Ronde Barber, John LynchTroy Polamalu, Bob Sanders, Darren Woodson

KICKERS — Jason Hanson, Ryan Longwell

PUNTERS — Reggie Roby, Rohn Stark, Matt Turk, Sean Landeta, Jeff Feagles


I think the next kicker/punter that goes in is Adam Vinatieri. What big kicks did any of the guys on there ever make? Hanson never made any big kicks. He played in a dome. He was good, but lots of other guys were good too and they aren’t making it.

Did that make you feel better?

I liked Jason Hanson, but getting in to the HOF as a kicker is almost impossible. There are 4 kickers in the HOF. A guy that retired in 67, a guy that retired in 75, a guy that retired in 85, and M. Anderson (82-07). There is 1 punter. I doubt there is going to be a run on kickers. It’s not a slight on Hanson that he never had the chance to make a kick on the big stage. I think he was as good as anyone in the league, but unless a guy stands out, he isn’t going to get considered.
It’s hard to differentiate a kicker. The good ones are all about the same, more or less, so the only thing that can make one guy stand out is making a big kick to win a SB or something. Does anyone remember anything about those guys other than they played a long time? If someone isn’t a Lions fan are they going to have much knowledge about Hanson? I seem to remember Elam and Akers making 63 yard kicks. I know virtually nothing about Longwell, Anderson, and Lowery, other than they had long careers. If it weren’t for fantasy football, most people couldn’t name the majority of kickers in the league.
And the guys who vote for the HOF usually dismiss special teams players anyway.

I would go insane if the gave it to Spielman, but I honestly doubt it happens

As much as one can admire Hanson’s longevity, you’re right, it’s hard to think of any pressure FGs that Hanson made that actually mattered.

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Prater has a better chance of making the HOF than Hanson.