2021 Detroit Lions Rookie Minicamp Day 1 photos

SOME OF THE NUMBERS are LB an two DTs are big
Sewell: N/A
Onwuzurike: 75
McNeill: 54
Melifonwu: 26
St. Brown: 14
Barnes: 55
Adams: 82
McKinley: 83
Surratt: 15


Curious why St. Brown chose 14 instead of 8?

Bc he plans on scoring two touchdowns every game


Here’s Day 2.

Looks like Chris Spielman might be doing some coaching when he probably shouldn’t lol!

2021 Detroit Lions Rookie Minicamp Day 2 photos

Also having Dom Capers for this defense is huge!

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Jermar Jefferson 28
Alize Mack 84
Dedrick Mills 36
Alex Brown 4

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Someone help me. Are we teaching Packer blocking or Packer pass defense technique in this picture? Think this will fly when you’re wearing Honolulu blue?


First, this pic perfectly shows Patricia’s coaching when he told defensive players to run up and present themselves to get blocked. :rofl:

On the other side, an offensive player is supposed to be able to grab the defensive player and take hold as long as they stay at the chest plate or similar location. Where the Packers are different is they get to “hug technique” and apply their grab points to the side and back of the defender. Its a hold by every definition known to mankind but some will go to their grave swearing its just a “technique.” TJ Lang’s holding calls and disbelief will contradict anyone who wants to go down that path.

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"From the NFL rulebook 2020:

) Uses his hands or arms to materially restrict or alter the defender’s path or angle of pursuit. It is a foul regardless of whether
the blocker’s hands are inside or outside the frame of the defender’s body. Material restrictions include but are not limited to:
(1) grabbing or tackling an opponent;
(2) hooking, jerking, twisting, or turning him; or
(3) pulling him to the ground.
Penalty: For holding by the offense: Loss of 10 yards."

I know some grabbing goes on, but apparently if you grab tight enough so that the grabee can’t move away, then it’s not holding? I guess holding calls are flexible like the strike zone in baseball.

I think we should start another “base defense-esque” discussion about what is holding…

They need to practice with Packers jerseys on otherwise its a flag. :rofl: