2021 Offense

O-Line: We are sitting very good here, All Pro C, I like how Jonah has progressed this year, both guard spots are solid. LT is solid, RT in need of help. TE, another All Pro emerging with TJ.
QB, will Stafford stick? If so, we are set and need to draft his replacement. RB, love me some Swift, KJ as his back up and a late round sleeper works.
Our offense looks solid up front and in the back field, For 21 we need to sign KG and MJ, Quartez will be solid, we need to add a late round sleeper.

This years draft and F-Agency needs to focus on D-Line and Linebacker.
IMO, more LB that DL, I believe a real D-Line coach will greatly improve this unit. The LB’s just lack talent. Need to hit it in the draft and go after a solid LB in FA.

With good coaching and a good talent evaluator, I think it can be turned around fairly quick.
Your thoughts?

The offense has a decent unit, but lacks talent at WR & RB. Depth is an issue as well at developmental QB and OT.

Having a good offense is not enough to win in the NFL. The defense need a top talent at DT, DE, LB, LB, S, CB

I’d pass on KG and invest that money in another defensive FA.

We have enough on offense to be competitive and have shown that the past few weeks. I’d keep MJ and Sanu and draft another WR in the 3rd or 4th to develop (hope to find another KG).

My opinion is a hard pass on KG AT HIS ASKING PRICE. Let the fa market determine his value. Risky, but fair for both sides. Passing game has been fine without him, and the least of our problems.

We must find a LB and DT that can show up each week and be a force.

Safety play was almost as bad as LB.

Better coaching and better pass rush can make the back seven look a lot better, so let’s hope we are moving in the right direction with our hires at HC and DC.


We should resign Jones, he shouldn’t cost too much and is a great #2. I’d love to add someone like Curtis Samuel in FA… Lots of quality RBs will be available in FA as well. The front 7 on defense needs a complete overhaul… Safety is a big issue as well.

I wonder why Dahl hasn’t played much? I thought he played well today at C.

Someone’s been hitting the koolaid hard.

LT - Were average
C - Agreed that Ragnow is a stud.
OG - Jackson has a lot of promise but he made plenty of rookie mistakes. Right now he’s a below average OG but I like his upside.
OG - I’d say our other OG spot is below average. Everyone of them gets blown off the ball and misses way too many assignments. We need someone to step up or we need another OG.
RT - is a turnstile. We desperately need a starting caliber RT. Right now we don’t have one.

I suspect Stafford is back in 2021 and as long as he’s healthy we’re good at QB.

WR - we basically have no one under contract for 2021. I’m hoping they can bring back MJ. Golladay should probably get the tag and be traded. I really want us to get younger at one WR spot.

TE - I think we need one more TE but we’re far above average at TE.

RB - My guess is AP is gone and that Kerryon seems to be fading. We need to improve our RB depth. I feel we need two RB’s… 1) A quality 3rd down back who is above average at pass protection and blitz pick up. 2) A true power back for goal line and short yardage situations.

At this moment I think I am the 3rd receiver on the depth chart for 2021.