2021 over/under win totals

Mucho jealous of you folks up in Michigan. Online sports betting is live for the upcoming season and the books giving out tons of free cash as signup bonuses. Hope some den members reap the rewards and enjoy the ride. Selective player props for individual games are becoming more common and can provide great value on a week by week basis too. Here are the current O/U odds for total Wins.

Whats your favorite over, favorite under, and bet you wouldn’t want to touch? My picks are below.

Best over: Like our Pride for 5 W’s at -130. 4 is too low with 17 games, push in the picture, well worth upside. Expect improvement from last year on D and similar from our O. I’d pound this and think Sewell makes a difference.

Best under: Broncos 8.5 W’s at +125. The price is right and contenders for AFC West cellar dwellers again. Cupcake schedule outside the division but uncertainty at QB and odds make this a bet i couldn’t pass up. Seattle is tempting at 9.5 for +110 too.

Stay Away: Over’s in the NFC West. Too much tough competition. I think injuries dictate the outcome more than current status

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I’m not saying it’s going to happen but the 2017 Rams went from 4-12 the year before to 11-5 after they got rid of all their starting receivers, brought in a new tackle and changed their coaching staff.


I’m going to say 7 wins, 6 coming after the 8th game of the season.

I’m going to assume the Broncos went up to 8.5 on Rodgers speculation?

Yup, if they were to get him it’s a L without injury.

No hot takes? I like the knowledge of this board and interests to hear different perspectives