2021 safeties

I’m sure we will draft at least one… who do you like? Anyone possibly going in the first rd or are they mostly day 2 and beyond guys? The article shares where they think they’ll go but curious what everyone here in the know thinks.

I will say just from reading the descriptions I like what I hear about Paris Ford and Ar’Darius Washington… though I don’t know the Lions are necessarily looking for a big hitting safety as much as a good cover guy… although they can be one in the same…

I liked Delmas until he started knocking out our own guys!

I started this thread a couple days ago.

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Whoops didn’t see that, thanks!

Couldn’t find it myself, but though it might be bump worthy after a couple days of analysis.

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For sure! I don’t know how to lock the thread, I’ll flag my own thread I guess!

Ford ran like he was pulling a sled 4.90 40
maybe he was ill but he should run again

Hamlin the other S at Pitt ran 4.59 40

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