2022 Detroit Lions draft losers: 5 Lions who should be concerned after the draft

I think he’s right, but the one guy who doesn’t deserve that fate is Cephus. He plays faster than his timed speed, but isn’t a burner. I hope he gets a full chance to prove that he can succeed as a change of pace WR who can get open and has good hands, particularly in the red zone.


Romeo Okwara isn’t in danger of losing his spot, not even worth a mention. Julian maybe if Houston blows the doors off in TC/Preseason.
Anzalone isn’t in danger either competing with a 2nd year who struggled in his rookie season (even though I believe in his long term potential) and a LB taken in the 6th round. At the very least, they need a vet back there. If anything, Anzalone’s position strengthened after the draft.

Cephus and Harris could be in tough but not the two guys listed above and even Cephus might be a stretch especially with Jamo likely to struggle out of the gate. Trinity Benson is the likely preseason cut casualty.

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Seriously. Like are they even looking at the depth chart?

Who’s going to take his spot?

Is it click-bait or just not well-researched?
Okwara, Cephus and Anzalone?

Griffen? He needed to be concerned BEFORE the draft, let alone AFTER it.

My list:
Jefferson, Igwebuike, Skipper, Bryant, Davis, Harris

While the draft didn’t produce any RB’s, we did pay a fair amount to Greg Bell as an UDFA to come in and compete.
Same with Eze and Jarvis on OL depth (UDFAs).
With the additions of Rodriguez, Houston, Kerby and Lucas via the draft, several LBs and DBs are on notice.


Yes to all of this. much better than the article.

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In 2023, longer term, if Romeo doesn’t fully recover from the Achilles injury, the Lions have plenty of replacements already on the roster.


Cepheus is going to be safe unless someone blows up or they bring in someone else. I can’t see them not carrying six WRs. Especially after last year. He’ll get this season to show he belongs or they’ll draft a replacement next year. I can see the Lions taking a WR at some point every draft (or UDFA) with the way things are going.


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I think so too, man. Cephus will be a nice contributor

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“Anzalone is in no danger of missing out on making this team in 2022.”

I think there’s some writers who should be concerned after the draft.


Okay i can see the writers train of thought, but i can also see where he got lazy.

I can see where some might mention AA at the LB spot, but too me any guy they signed to a 1 yr deal is more likely the odd man out. So I would bet that AA is here for this season.

Harris a polarizing discussion and i am sure most of us would not shed a tear for his departure. Though after what MCDC stated i would be very suprised is he is not the final DB. Being able to backup both the S and CB positions will give him a leg up on those who are only backing up one or the other.

Though i do not like it, he might be right about Cephus. When looking at how many and which WRs they may rank where, he could and probably will be competing for that last spot. Of course if he is cut i would think the Lions will put him on the PS, if he doesn’t sign someplace else.

Hard argue with any of that.
We do have a problem at Edge. Who do you chance putting on the practice squad?

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