2022 SI Fan Draft mock has Lions taking QB at 1 overall. No, not that one. Or that one. Or that one either

First time I’ve even heard this name mentioned:

1. Detroit Lions: Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitt

The Lions could go in several different directions with this pick, but they need a franchise quarterback. Goff is just the bridge, and Pickett has performed at a very high level this season. Pickett is pro-ready, with really good size and mobility. He currently has 21 passing touchdowns and only one interception. With strong performances against Clemson and UNC and a good Senior Bowl, Pickett has the upward trajectory to end up going first overall.

Anybody know anything about this guy?

I know he’s the current projection at 65 on Tankathon. That’s a 3rd round pick.

Pickett playing Clemson this upcoming weekend. That should be a good measure of his play, even though it’s a down year for Clemson. They still have a great program.

I hope some QB’s really start flying up the draft board regardless of if we are drafting one this year or not.

I watched Pickett play Tennessee early in the season. He seemed very sure of himself and the commentators had very high opinions of him.

I will take closer look at Pickett i am leaning towards Desmond Ridder From Cinn

He’s got teeny tiny little hands and you know what that means….

…. TINY quarterbacking ability.

Well, teams start to worry about turnovers with that small of hands.

“Can’t hold the whopper with these tiny hands”


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If we take Pickett first overall Im going to vomit

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That’s a really bad mock draft.

If we do that, we had damn sure better draft a WR named Wilson.

And reads like it was written by a 5th grader

The amount of mocks that will have us taking a QB will be staggering. My favorite mock so far has us taking the Alabama OT, then the Iowa OC with our first rounders. I like both those players, but really? Do you know anything about the Lions?

I’m on the fence about this.


Nicely done.

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No QB is worth taken with the first overall pick. Take the best player in the draft, don’t reach.


I like that the kid is playing his way up the boards. There’s always a surprise or two qb who rockets up the charts during the season. Similar to Kyle Wilson and Josh Allen. Will watch Pittsburgh going forward.

If anything Josh Allen fell on draft boards. He was being hyped as possible #1 pick before his last season at Wyoming.

I’m scared AF of drafting a QB, but If we can get a Herbert or Josh Allen, I’m all in. I just see so many friggin’ QBs come out and suck royal bunghole

Pickett will be fine as long as we don’t have a OC named Longstreet and a coach named Lee.


Don’t forget Pettrigrew trying to help block

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