2023 Cap Space?

I know Deadstroke is the salary cap guru around here so maybe he can chime in, but was just wondering what we are looking like for space in 2023. Obviously most of us believe we will show tremendous progress this year, but we are thinking playoffs may be just out of reach. In 2023 most of us believe we could be pretty dangerous. So was just thinking ahead a little to see what we have to work with in cap space next year.

Overthecap is saying we have about 12.5mil in cap space next year. That is assuming a cap number around 225mil. From what I’ve read, 225-230mil is the likely range next year so lets assume 225mil is accurate. There is some potential for some rollover cash as well as adjustments like we had this year, but it can also go the other way with incentives that are earned and added to the following years cap so I won’t assume anything either way.

In looking through the roster, Brockers is very likely to take a massive pay cut or just be released next year as it saves 10mil. That would put us at 22.5mil. Vatai is likely not going anywhere if he has another solid year. The only other potential cap casualty I see is Romeo which would save us 7mil. At this point I am going to say we keep him on the roster.

There are a couple extension candidates to lower their 2023 cap number in Hockenson and potentially even Decker. For this purpose I will say we extend Hockenson by then lowering his cap number for 2023 to about 6mil, saving an additional 4mil against the 2023 cap. That puts us at 26.5mil now.

We do have several internal FA’s we will likely look to bring back in 2023. Amani is the biggest name and would likely carry a cap number of 5-6mil in 2023 even if the contract is backloaded. Other names we may look to bring back are

Alex Anzalone
Jamaal Williams
Mike Hughes
DeShon Elliot
Evan Brown
Chris Board

Elliot may command the most money from that group if he stays healthy this year. Don’t see anything else topping 4mil AAV. I will say with Amani and a couple of these guys we spend about 10mil in cap space. That puts us at 16.5mil. We would likely need that 16.5mil for our rookie pool and practice squad/in season moves.

Not trying to put a damper on anything, but just looking ahead it seems like we may not be very active in FA next year barring some restructures.

I actually missed DJ Chark on that list. May be tough to bring him back unless we restructure or really start backloading contracts. Some people think the cap will hit 300mil by 2026 so teams might start planning that way.

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Amani will need to be extended too.

I agree that we keep Vaitai if he has another great year just to keep the line together next year which will be our year to really start contending. His replacement cost will offset part or most of what we’d save by cutting him unless we go with a rookie.

Romeo oh Romeo. He’s got a long road ahead of him for recovery. If he loses a step from the injury he’s a JAG. Competition is fierce for those edge spots so I see him getting cut next year.

Brockers is in danger of not making the team this year. We need his veteran presence so it won’t come down to only the tape for him to secure a spot. But I agree next year he will be gone.

I question that need this year. The culture is set in superglue, in part due to Brockers last year. If Jason Cornell, John Cominsky and Demetrius Taylor continue to outplay him in camp–I’m presuming that because I’ve read of them, but seen nothing on Brockers TC performance–how do you cut players who would benefit from the year of experience and could be on the team in 2023 and beyond?

Brockers has been paid well for his time here. Would cutting him or trading him at a discount dent Holmbell’s culture in any significant way? Does Holmes have the brass balls to pull the trigger on Brockers?

Saints started planning that way years ago… :wink:
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So did GB and to a lesser extent Philly.

Atlanta and Chicago did it, but blew it up this year instead of waiting for the cap jump.

I think we are in good shape. We just need to keep good players and slightly too high costs (Vaitai, TJ, Amani). Sounds like probably Will Harris too, keep that solid base.

Interesting to see who they keep after this year Jamaal W, Alex, Chark, Evan Brown, Chris Board . . . all UFA’s after season.

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I think Holmes is building the depth in such a way that they can let more expensive vets walk like Harris, Brockers, Anzalone, Big V can all walk and there are younger far cheaper guys there that can do as good or better. And if anyone picks up those vet FA, we’d get comp picks down the road.

Cap looks to be in GREAT shape compared to what it was 2 years ago. Lots of flexibility. Good players with oversized contracts like Goff and Big V the lions have the choice on whether to keep or not moving forward.