2023 QB comps

Jared Heatley

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Couple of Comps at 4am that might not make any sense. Thoughts?

Will Rogers = Marc Bulger
Tyler Van Dyke = Matthew Stafford
Tanner McKee = Matt Schaub
CJ Stroud = Donovan McNabb
Will Levis = Dak Prescott
Bryce Young = Drew Brees
Phil Jurkovec = Vinny Testaverde
Malik Cunningham = Tyrod Taylor
Anthony Richardson = Colin Kaepernick
Jake Haener = Chase Daniel

X -X-X-X-X

Van Dyke is going to be one ot watch during the 2023 season.

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Well if these are accurate give me Van Dyke or Young over Stroud ALL DAY.

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Give me the scenario where Goff balls out with this talented offense and up-and-coming defense and Holmes uses our draft capital to get more weapons. They want an attacking defensive line, go get another mustang, go get that elite corner or safety to add to the stable…I’m interested in Will Levis and Van Dyke. I’ll take an SEC qb over most other conferences, especially from the not-bama or Georgia crowd…if they have success in the SEC.


Bryce Young is far better off-platform than Drew Brees ever was. For pocket presence, timing, accuracy, etc… the comp makes sense, but if you got Brees off his spot he was doomed. Not so with Young.


Oh, and while Van Dyke looks like Stafford - similar builds, similar throwing style, both wear #9 - I don’t think his arm’s anywhere near as strong. It’s not bad at all, just not to the level of Stafford’s howitzer. Van Dyke is also a better athlete IMO, though he won’t make his money with his legs.

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That’s a very lazy comparison. Stroud is better at processing and has better anticipation than McNabb could dream of.


Van Dyke vs Armstrong ACC 2021

Van Dyke 202 for 324…2931 yards 25 TD’s 6 int’s 1 TD rushing

Armstrong 326 for 500 … 4449 yards 31 TD’s 10 int’s 9 TD’s rushing

I’ll be watching Armstrong.

BTw is this a Van Dyke highlight film OR a Charleston Rambo highlight?

Now watch this one…

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Just looked back on that draft class, holy cow… all those guys drafted in the first rd and McNabb turned out to be the best of the bunch. Culpepper was good for a bit too.

Personally, Brice Young’s size concerns me.


I still like Stroud, but, Van Dyke is intriguing.
Goff is about to blow the roof off of Ford Field, so, expect a second or third rounder to take Bloughs spot.
Boyles problem last year was the same as Goffs. He’s just not as good as Goff.
A QB can’t win by himself. Not even Aaron or Tom!
Matt sure couldn’t have won a ring without Donald.
It’s a TEAM sport.


The next class will be better than this last one… but will probably still just have the 2 first round guys. There’s a fair amount of potential for someone to take a big leap this next season…but the only 2 I’d Bank are Young and Stroud. As far as comps… Van Dyke is taller and has more of a slower, 3/4 delivery. I think he looks much closer to a Philip rivers than a Stafford.

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Armstrong is a lefty? So shouldn’t he be Steve Young, LOL.
Actually, wasn’t Brunell a lefty? That could be a good synergy, no?
Tank for Armstrong! :rofl:

He was under 150 yards passing from setting the ACC record last year, if their bowl game doesn’t get canceled he owns it instead of Joe Burrows. What this thread shows more than anything else is the real depth of QB’s in this draft, a VERY compelling reason not to reach this year. People kept on saying that it puts you back a year to wait. Really, if the guy you take isn’t worth the pick it puts you back more than that. There will be some great choices. I like Armstrong because he CAN run if he has to but it’s not how their O is structured. Pocket passer who can buy time with his legs. Left handed now means Sewell is the most important position on the OL.

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Great highlights for Armstrong. He could pass the others…its so early. The Virginia WR Wicks and TE Woods are really good too.

I was watching Woods highlights when I saw this QB moving around the pocket, buying time, and then finding him down field. Then I decided to see what the deal was with this guy. Not a great team that went 6-6? I think, but Armstrong lit it up. I doubt he goes in the first, and maybe not the 2nd, he’s not on anyone’s top 10/15 boards. Wait, I think Walters has him at 11 or so.

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Who does Will Anderson Jr compare to? Gimme that guy!

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Lawrence Taylor


Yes let’s take him!!

I agree with @QBHATER90 about Bryce young… his size is a concern and alabama qb’s don’t tend to do well. It’ll be interesting to look at this time next year how the 23 qb class shakes out

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This may be recency bias but I’m struggling to remember a recent draft with two defenders as elite as Anderson and Jalen Carter. Bosa and Q. Williams perhaps but I think I like Anderson and Carter even more.

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CJ Stroud all day for me