2024 Detroit Lions mandatory minicamp observations:

A strong start to practice from Levi Onwuzurike, who tallied two sacks/pressures early on the day. On the second one, he came barrelling into the backfield with little control over his body and nearly crashed into Hooker’s legs, but the quarterback was able to sidestep the pressure. Scary moment.

Need for him to show why he was a 2nd round pick.


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Levi and Campbell koolaid is like pure tequila.

Trailer Park Boys Beer GIF by hero0fwar

How exactly does a player get 2 sacks during a pajama party!?

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This part is encouraging…

Sione Vaki continues to shine as a receiver, taking a screen for a touchdown and making a tough-adjustment touchdown catch while falling to the ground.

Vaki may just fool around and become our 3rd reciever behind sun god and jamo. Would love to see him get reps at fb, rb, slot etc.

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Mentioned this in another thread last week. Vaki was a slot WR in high school and his college coach said he thought he was a better receiver than safety. Could be a real wildcard in the pass game.

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I bet his RAS score is very similar to Deebo’s


This is nice to see.


Killer throw as well

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15 yard penalty excessive celebration… . What a bust. :wink:

Plus Goff underthrew him too… simply disgusting

He threw a wobbly duck after the catch.

He’s a system WR

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