2024 Detroit Lions training camp preview: 3 big questions at wide receiver

Green appears to be the favorite heading into camp since he repped with the starters more than anyone during OTAs this spring.

Peoples-Jones … skill set overlaps with Green quite a bit, but because he had more experience with Goff last year, his chemistry could be farther along.

Raymond is the most proven of the three but doesn’t exactly fit the profile of the type of X receiver they may be looking for.

And the rest probably competing for a P.S. squad spot and, at least one, for the Demario Ballard-Miles Macik Award for the most over-hyped training camp sensation who doesn’t make the roster:

  • **Tom Kennedy **
  • **Maurice Alexander **
  • Daurice Fountain
  • **Tre’Quan Smith **
  • **Kaden Davis **
  • Jalon Calhoun (rookie)
  • Isaiah Williams (rookie)
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I don’t think our FO has questions @ WR, I think they have it hammered out already with who they want there and I don’t think it’s a brutal choice that the media is trying to make it out to be.


Interesting… important camp for Green… the opportunity is there for the taking.

I hope they don’t get caught up in the XYZ thing. Get the receivers who can play football.

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Green better improve this season.

He needs to get past that Glenn Martinez level.

I’d take Scotty Anderson level stats circa 2002-2003.

WR3 is really a battle for the X position mostly between DPJ and Green.
All the WR’s are cross trained but I expect Raymond to back up ARSB and Jamo at slot and Z.
Raymond may even get as many snaps and targets but I think Ben wants a bigger body for WR3.
I think they only keep 5 WR’s (ARSB, Jamo, Raymond, DPJ, Green) on the 53 unless someone shows some plus skills on Special Teams.

I think you’re spot on. The dark horse may be I. Williams. I guess Smith may also have a slight chance. But it would be surprising if the five you mentioned weren’t on the final 53.

I had hopes for Tre’Quan but no one has even mentioned him throughout the offseason.
At OTA’s and minicamp the beat writers and coaches never even mentioned his name.
It’s like he wasn’t there.
I don’t see I. Williams being able to cover on Special Teams and Raymond is already the backup slot.
Unless he wins the return job I don’t see how he makes the roster. I think he is a Practice Squad guy being stashed to replace Raymond next year.

probably, i agree. I Williams did have success as a returner, but darkhorses usually don’t win.