2024 Detroit Lions training camp preview: Who will win the TE 3 job?

Zylstra could beat out Mitchell. Mitchell has shown some skill as a receiver, but for some reason, just hasn’t been able to beat out Wright for No. 2.

Zylstra got injured, that’s why he didn’t beat out Mitchell.

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OMG, I completely misread that.

I need more coffee.

This is the Magic Year 3 for Holmes draft picks.
Mitchell and Paschal have to step up.
Levi is on the bubble in Year 4.

I got my money on Dan Campbell… player Coach, TE #3.

I heard he’s growing his hair back…look out nfl


I like Hesse TE3 for blocking role

I like Mitchell TE3 for receiving g role

Mitchell needs to stay healthy. That’s definitely slowed his development down.

I like Zylstra, in 2022 he graded out higher as a blocker than Wright and caught 4 TD passes. If he’s healthy, he has the inside track. Mitchell seemed like a no brainier when we drafted him, all we had to do was let him get healthy. No such luck

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Risdon reported Mitchell was the slowest guy out there at OTAs. If his athleticism isn’t gonna seperate him from the pack (pun intended), then he’s not making the 53.

Hadn’t heard that and too bad for him because he had more of a shot to make it here than he would have gotten at most places.

Yeah that’s a bad sign.

I will go on a limb here, Mitchell will not only take over as TE 3, I expect him to finish the year TE #2.
Save this post, Mitchell will have a year 3 breakout.

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