2024 NFL MVP dark horses: Jared Goff, Tyreek Hill, Christian McCaffrey among potential candidates


My MVP darkhorse… Gibbs.

Carolina Thunder GIF by The Undroppables

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It is really going to help Goff with Jamo getting 20+ TDs this year…

Unless DMo goes down - please, no! - hard to see Gibbs getting the touches he’d need to pull that off.


Jared will put up great numbers, but with DMo and Gibbs ‘vulturing’ those inside-the-5 rushing TDs hard to see him getting to 40 passing TDs, which both inflates QB rating and is the kind of number a non-running QB needs to get MVP consideration.

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Goff will get a ton of TDs this year. Gibby gats more involved in the passing game and Jamo goes off. YACs will inflate the ■■■■ out of Goff’s numbers this year

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Yea ur probably right. Monty gonna get a ton of carries too. I think 1500 combined yards and 15 TD’s is very possible though. As a rook he went for 1250 and 11 and missed a couple games. And if he doesn’t drop so many passes next season…look out.