2024 Roster

I always like looking ahead at where the roster is for not just this season, but future seasons. And since the draft is over and the news is slow, I figured now would be a good time to assess where we stand for 2024. Here is who will be here in 2024 if the Lions don’t cut or trade them:

QB: Goff, Hooker
RB: Montgomery, Gibbs
WR: ARSB, Jamo, Green
TE: LaPorta, Mitchell
LT: Decker
LG: Jackson
C: Ragnow
RG: Sorsdal
RT: Sewell

14 offense

DE: Hutch, Houston (will be ERFA, so he will be back if we want him, Paschal, Cominsky
DT: McNeill, Martin, Onwuzurike, Buggs
LB: Anzalone, Barnes, Rodrigo, Campbell
CB: Sutton, Branch
S: Joseph, Walker, Melifonwu

17 defense

So not counting UDFA’s, we have 31 players under contract for next year who should be big time contributors/starters this year. Add in a few more rookies and FAs next offseason, and resign some guys who perform well this year and we are built for long term success. I think the big glaring hole is still CB. Will be interesting to see how they address it. Re-sign Moseley? Draft? Trade?


I think they’ll 2nd round tender Wright so TE should be set. Although I guess they could opt for a right of refusal tender. Personally I don’t see them getting cute with it over 1.5m.same with Jacobs.


TE we can have same as this season if we want. CB you left out Lucas It will be easier to see what we will need after the final 53…Right now we don’t know who makes it an if they do where on depth chart they seem to be.
Plus we have the cap money to pay anyone we want to keep. If they want to stay.

It appears that jJonah Jackson will be back, but that entails a new contract. Tagging him seems unlikely.

Is Jackson signed for next year or are you figuring they tag him?

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Hell no they will not tag an OG. No coach ever should with the current rules. OL is considered 1 position when it comes to tags. So you are paying top 5 LT money to an OG if you do…

He wants to stay. Hopefully that means he will take a reasonable offer to stay on this line. He will get more money elsewhere, but will have less fun playing between inferior talent.


Honestly, I forgot he was a FA after this year. I thought we had him for one more. But I think he will be extended this summer.

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I think its easier to look at whose an FA and are they worth Signing.

C. Harris? Unless he balls out this year I wouldn’t resign him.

Mosley? Needs to prove it.

Raymond. NOPE.

J. Reynolds? NOPE.

Jackson? Maybe?

Cabinda? Nope.

Glasgow? Maybe

Marvin Jones? Nope.

Reeves Maybin? Maybe.

Sudfeld? Nope.

J. Okwara? Nope.

Nelson? Nope.

W Harris? Possibly.

McQuaide? Yea cheap.

Badgley? Probably

Covington? Nope.

Houston. YES YEA YEA.

Wright? Nope.

Jacobs? Possibly.

C Reynolds? Nope.

Eze? Nope.

Everyone else is league minimum.

Theres not that many that im super worried about.

Those guys are quality depth. Raymond is the fastest guy on the team until proven otherwise.
Raymond was the only Receiver that played in every game last season.
I thought JRey was signed through next season? I could be wrong.

I believe that reynolds will be here as at least a number 4 wr as long as we have goff.

Both are UFA for 2024.

I guess you could keep 1. Its more a cost stand point.
Next year theres, Williams, St Brown and Green thats it for WR.

My thing is see whose available in FA and the draft. I could see them keeping one. But they will want $5m + per year. For that id like to see whose on the market.

QB: Its Goff, Sudfeld in 2023
RG: Sorsdal ain’t beating out Glasgow and Vatai

Defense - Melifonwu is getting cut.
DE: Hutch, Houston, Cominsky, Paschal, Charles Harris
DT: McNeil, Buggs, Martin, Durden (UDFA)
LB: Anzalone, Campbell, Rodrigo, Barnes
CB: Sutton, Emmanuel, CJGJ, Harris, Branch
S: Walker, Joseph, Branch

The original post was geared towards who is currently on the roster for 2024…

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I know it’s hard to count on them making the roster, but UDFA’s sign 3-year contracts.

Good point, and I actually think that is a really dumb policy. Guards get paid way less than Tackles. There should be a franchise tag specifically for guards. There is a different tag for DT’s and DE’s for example.

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