2025 NFL Draft

not gonna lie, had me thinking of starting a 2035 draft thread so you could get an early jump…
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Based on the names alone, gimme Sonny Styles all day!

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AAU basketball has been there for a while. They’re all about ranking the 12 year olds. I assume that European football is like that. @thats2 would know better than I, but I do now that the future stars are often identified well before puberty and pulled into academies to train.

Ben Brady?

Oh yeah, very young. Like under ten.

Venezuela and DR baseball has to be that way as well but the knowledge is probably held quite close to the vest by the various MLB teams and their academies.

Btw a documentary about Venezuela baseball academies would be super fascinating. The handlers, the poverty, the corrupt government, the crime and danger, the MLB teams trying to mitigate it, etc.

Yeah the football clubs, at least in Europe, are legitimate academies. Just like a sports-centered private school really, that just happens to be connected to an actual professional team.

I suspect the baseball versions are VERY different. They don’t really care at all about educating the kids. The European ones probably don’t really care that much either, but they’re under much more pressure to look like they do. I’d definitely watch a doc about the baseball academies though.

There is no way that the scene in Venezuela isn’t corrupt as all hell. I’m sure the DR is as well but Venezuela must be the Wild West.

I’m sure you’re right.

the Detroit Lions win their first SB in 24, I’d be good for the next 10 years.

Thx for asking… I’d like to talk about Jared Goff and where he ranks among top nfl qb’s. Really surprised that’s never been discussed on the den.

Also Goff > Stafford :wink:


Jared was in barbie. Hes not a bad singer though

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A rare photo of Jman caught as he is posting on the Den


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This will be fun in the 2027 or 28 draft. I hope he grows to 7’. About damn time we had a 7 foot OT.

good point.