23 vs 24 Cap hit

Lions FA signing cap hits for 2023

  • C. Reynolds: $940k
  • Pierschbacher: $1M
  • Nelson: $1.15M
  • W. Harris: $1.3M
  • Buggs: $1.7M
  • Cominsky: $2.3M
  • Anzalone: $2.5M
  • Montgomery: $2.9M
  • Sutton: $3.3M

TOTAL: $17.1M

Year 2 cap hits of these players…

Buggs: $2.8M
Cominsky: $6.2M
Anzalone: $7.3M
Montgomery: $6.9M
Sutton: $12.7M

TOTAL: $35.9M

That year 2 Cap hit of 35.9M definitely shows me that Holmes probably doesn’t care if it’s alil high cause he’ll have a QB on a rookie contract… what do you guys think?

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Or he doesnt care because the cap will likely also go up by a similar amount?


I don’t think that has any bearing on his thinking at all.
More that none are long term contracts that put the team’s future moves at risk, especially when you add the increase in the salary cap.

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Interesting thought, never looked at that perspective. I do believe we will draft a QB in round 2 or 3. I just don’t think the top 4 will be there by pick 6, and then it drops off in quality of player. I’m sure they know the cap will go up next year factoring into year 2 of this years FA contracts. Also, they may be planning for a few players to be cut loose after the first year of the contract before year 2 kicks in.
I also believe they want to compete for a playoff run this year, and with less cap space this year, they pushed more towards year 2 and 3 of the deals, so they can sign more players this year for the run.

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I think it shows that others on expiring deals are not going to be here next year. Their replacements will be drafted this year. That’s why Glasgow got a 1 year deal. OG is still in play.
No doubt, we take a QB this year. Don’t expect that to be in the first round.


Exactly this


And if he isnt a first rounder and sits behind goff for this season and probably next. You only have two years before having to negotiate a new deal with him, so window with a qb on a rookie contract becomes smaller than if you went round 1 qb next year for instance

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Every year the QB’s are hyped. There is no generational talent at QB this year. Thinking any of them will displace the #8 QB is just the liquor talking.


so? If they are good, they would likely be extended before year four or five anyway

I think it’s just standard cap accounting. If the cap hits for Anzalone, Sutton, Buggs, Cominsky and Montgomery were spread more evenly then we wouldn’t have been able to afford them all.

Most GM’s borrow from future years to pay today’s bills. As long as it’s not excessive then it’s a healthy way to manage the cap. The Saints, Rams and Eagles have probably pushed it too far, and the Browns will have issues with Watson’s cap number in future, but for most teams it’s not problematic.


The cap/cost will justify pushing the bigger hits later. The cap will be higher next year.

How much cap room do we have available next year?

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The thing that kinda kills your argument OP is that almost all the 2 and 3 year deals have cheap outs in their final year the way they are structured. We are bearing most of the cost next year but then we could easily drop those players if we need to. Using your logic, this would hint at them extending Goff, but in truth we have the flexibility to go either way.

My point is simply to the people that want a rookie wage qb at all times in team building

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I’m not sure it means that, it could…but the easy answer is maximizing cap room this year while
Knowing next year’s cap is bigger and it’s gonna get even bigger with the yearly increase……just savy.

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By next year- 256MM is the expected cap…

We save 11M on Romeo and 10M cutting V next year…

Those 2 moves would give us 100MM next year even with the elevated year 2 deals…. By the time Sewell, ASB, or Alim come due…… Walker, Romeo, V, AA, Moseley, Sutton and Monty will be mostly off the books

These next 2 draft classes are as good as last 2, abc we will be good for awhile…



The contracts the Lions do are almost always the same.

  • Have the cash paid be fairly ratable for the length of the contract. i.e. Anazalone is paid $6.1M per year for three years
  • Reduce the cap hit in year one as much as possible
  • Maybe add one or two years to help spread out cap hit.

I think that you are confused.

If one is then we are trading down.

If Goff wins a playoff game, he gets an extension.