247 site still up and running IF you want back

A. Click your Icon next to your username/handle.

B. Scroll down to “Settings” {IF} you haven’t changed your BETA settings.

C. Login. it may just take you directly to the board…

PS, don’t kill me, I was just saying how to…maybe posters that have come here don’t want to go back. shrug not advertising that site at all.

This is home now. :joy:


That doesn’t always work to fix it , also I was banned for calling out the mods .

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haha. Well the mods here aren’t power-trippy fragile ego-queens like over there


Hey if you’re getting tired of Google, try duckduckgo.com
Thats now my go to search engine
Results are different, which is nice, and their claim to fame is not tracking your every move
No idea if they’re legit in that

(Subtle change in topic …). :crazy_face:

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I tried it for a week and I didn’t like it. Not being tracked is nice, but you have to type out the entire link every time because of it. Also, there’s no voice option in their search widget like Google has and it’s not as easy to refresh on mobile. Gave it a shot, but I switched back.

Same… That VLG clown is a joke.

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was you seriously banned? I didn’t know that , heck your one of the Dens better posters…at least I never had a issue with you or with what you ever posted in all the years I’ve been a Den Member. Which was about 2-3 years before the One BIG Original Den split apart.

Yes , and they deleted the post I was banned for . I was critical of the mods for the " were going to crack down " thread .

It’s fine I used to post at both , now I just post here .


Yep - I was threatened by VGL as well.

Not worth the time to go back and deal with it… hope he figures himself out, prayed on it even… heatlth issues or whatever doesn’t give you the right to be a dick … and a mod to boot… hope they do well. Just not with me anymore


Same thread that ended my time there. They posted a dick wagging thread like “we got a new sheriff in town boys and girls. You stand down or you will be taken out behind the barn.” Then they trolled their way to the board being irrelevant. Also, the one mod was posting under multiple accounts, so that’s sad.

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Closing this because there’s already a topic on it!

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