2nd Round Options

I’m hopeful we trade down from 7 and end up with two early 2nd round picks, which could make the top of the 2nd vitally important for us.

In my mocks I’m almost always going OT with one of the picks (provided I didn’t go Sewell in the 1st). Cosmi or Jenkins if they fall (unlikely), Radunz, Leatherwood, Walker Little, Spencer Brown. I was going Eichenberg too but with 32 3/8 inch arms, he’s probably a guard now.

Asante Samuel has been one of my faves too, he’s plug and play in the slot.

Outside corners: Newsome, maybe Campbell. What if Farley falls because of the back injury?

DT: My love of Alim McNiell is well documented. Most sites have him listed in the mid-late 2nd, but I’d be willing to reach a little. I really like Marlon Tuipulotu as well, but I’d hope to sneak him in the 3rd.

LBs: I drafted Jamin Davis a lot in mocks but I think he’s probably a 1st rounder now. Cox. I don’t really like Bolton.

WR: The Moore bros Elijah and Rondale if we don’t go WR in the 1st. Or even maybe if we do.

S: Man I love Richie Grant but he’s just so old, best case we’re getting like six years out of him. Really like Holland too (and Moehrig, but I think he goes in the 1st).

Who you guys got? I know everyone here’s doing mocks like crazy.

I keep taking Jamin Davis in my mocks but I do see a lot of value at OT slipping to the top of the 2nd.

How could you trade down and end up with an early 2nd round pick? Wouldn’t the team trading up need to be in the early part of the round?

I really like Brown at WR in the second provided he’s there and we didn’t go WR in round 1.

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Second rounders still makes my sphincter tighten.

Rondale Moore would be nice.


I’d love that. Out of all the players in this draft Moore is the most fun to watch IMO.

Like if we traded down with Denver and they gave us 9 and 40 as part of the trade, we’d then have picks 40 and 41 in the 2nd round.

Ah, I see.

Yeah, I do too. He’s kind of the only outside receiver I’d be interested in there.

Would you consider a trade down with Washington, 7 = 19, 74, 82, 2022 1st. Possibly a trade back from 41 and gaining another 3rd. We need players, I think this year amassing picks to build the foundation is the ideal.

In a scenario like this 1st, 2nd, 5-3rd, 4th, 5th, + 3 1st rounders 2022.

Paye DE, Toney WR, Meinerz OG, Holland S, Wilson/McNeil DT, Moses LB, Wade CB, Terry WR, Doyle OT.

While none of the pieces scream HOF, there is a solid foundation. Allows alot of freedom just picking players that drop.

I would probably take that trade, but I’d be pushing for their 1st and 2nd this year, plus their 1st next year. It’s a pretty long way to fall and I assume they’d be trading up for a QB. Of course I also love JOK so falling down to 19 is fine by me if we can still get him.

I suppose that trade imbalance could happen if Carolina and Denver were lathered about the 5th QB.

Without at TD and with DeVonta Smith at #7, I’m fixated on Jamin Davis at #41 for the moment–he’ll be better than Aaron Curry, I predict. I’ll trust Brad, Ray and John to find later round DBs and WRs.

Or even the 4th QB, there’s no certainty they’re all gone by 7. Either way it’s generally around a 30% overpay when trading up for a QB, even when there isn’t much competition. If we can play those guys off each other, I like our chances for a good trade down.

There are a lot of players at the top of the 1st that I think are going to be good that are in play for us. That makes me ok with a trade down a couple of spots depending on compensation.

I won’t trade down 9+ spots without a 2022 1st coming our way. That would probably be the focus of the return too, so I don’t know how likely a 2nd would be involved.

I don’t want to pass on an all-pro guy to get a couple of average/above average guys.

Second would be nice, however, when I brought up the trade chart their second was actually worth less than 74 and 82. This year specifically, I think its about amassing picks and selecting foundational players, nothing fancy, just solid contributors.

There’s a lot of OL value to be had in rounds 2-3. If we go OL it wouldn’t shock me if we grab one in those rounds.

There’s also some LBer talent (that I like) to be had in rounds 2-4 but the pickings are slimmer.

I really like Jabril Cox. Months ago every mock had him in rounds 3 & 4 and I kept saying he’s going higher. I think he’s a solid 2nd rounder. Remember we debated this a little.

Davis I like but not a big fan of him in round two. He’s a much bigger prospect. He’s a less polished Jared Davis. I always felt Jared Davis should have went round two. He went higher because of his athleticism. I think Jamin could as well but he’s a project. Round 3 I’d definitely take him based off potential.

There’s a lot of decent DB’s in this draft that can be had rounds 2-5 and I highly suspect that S and CB come in play round 2.

I could see us trading down twice and taking a safety or DL. The latter part of round one seems to fit our needs more. It wouldn’t shock me if we did trade down a ways and took someone like S Trevor Moehrig or a DL like Barmore.

There’s a bunch of WR’s I like too. Even though I’d love to get Chase or Smith there’s a bunch of WR’s I like that could be available to us round two so I’m in the trade down camp for that reason.

I think we have to get a S and WR from this draft. We have glaring holes there.

I do think OL, CB, DL, and LB should be targets too. But we have so many holes we can’t afford to pass on the BPA, regardless of position.

Yeah, that’s a good shout. Depends on what they want, I guess. Personally I don’t think there’s much difference between picks 15-45, which is why I like the idea of having 3 of them total.

Probably unlikely unless we trade down a ways or a team is desperate and over pays. I’d think it could happen if Den wanted to leap frog Car but if they gave up a 2nd it would probably be in 2022.

A 3rd rounder is probably more likely unless we trade down into the mid to late teens. Then a 2nd rounder is more likely.

I could see us trading down twice and then using that ammo to move back into round two as well.

I like Jabril Cox too, but a lot of analysts I really like (PFF, Draft Network) are calling him slow, and I can see it. He’s got such a preternatural gift for spacing and anticipation it covers it up, but he does get beat on the hoof more often than you’d expect. I really wish he’d run before the draft.

Just did a mock where I traded down to 9 then traded down to 12, and still got Lance at 12. Then with all the second round ammo traded back up to 16 to nab Sewell who was still somehow sitting there (corners and edges were going early). I had one second rounder left and nabbed JOK. QB, OT, and LB by pick 43. Had to wait until the third to go WR though.

While this would probably be too good to be true, I think a strategy of trading down twice and then trading back up would be a really good one this year. As long as they like a number of players in the first 12 or 13. It could happen if we deal with Carolina or Denver for the first trade and then somene like Dallas or Philly for the second trade, and then someone like New England to trade back up.