3 and Out: Spielman give Def. Props!

This is everything I’ve already said about this week and this win and more…

Listen to what he has to say about the team overall and then how and who stepped up in the end… AND!! He kills with the statement “I don’t care about yards or score or what happened in prior snaps of this game. When it was on the line someone has to step up and make that big play!!! And theLions did it three times on the last drive drives”

And he shows how the bears killed themselves … like we had done in the past but not Sunday!! We prevailed and let’s see what happens with GB!

We need to win baby!!


And - that trust thing again as it wasn’t mentioned in this vid…

The lions at the end forgo on the on side kick… why? Our new HC basically said “I’m trusting my defense” and they responded…

Kevin Strong demonstrated that get-off last year, too. I figured he’d make the 53-man roster but he was on the Practice Squad, even being released from it for a couple of weeks.

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