3 rd. mock that makes our offense unstoppable

First round, No. 7 overall: Florida TE Kyle Pitts
And, from all accounts, the Detroit front office’s draft strategy will be to take the best player available, no matter the position, this April. Pitts could very well be viewed as the best player left on the board by Holmes and the team’s front-office brass by the time the Lions pick at No. 7.

That’s why it’s definitely a possibility the organization nabs the 6-foot-6, 240-pounder.

Second round, No. 41 overall: Texas EDGE/LB Joseph Ossai

The 6-foot-4, 243-pound Ossai is my pick for the Lions at No. 41 overall. He brings to the table a high-end motor and the ability to both play in a 3-4 defense as an outside linebacker and to put his hand in the dirt in a four-man defensive front.

Third round, No. 72 overall: Oklahoma State CB Rodarius Williams

Detroit upgrades it secondary here by drafting Williams.

Third round, No. 88 overall (acquired from the L.A. Rams): Pittsburgh EDGE Patrick Jones II

Can’t ever have enough pass-rushers, right?

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I like the idea of adding multiple pass rushers, we desperately lack them. However, we have to wait and see what happens to Okwara in free agency before the draft.

Pitts is going to be nightmare for defenses to defend. He’s basically a massive WR that can be used out wide, in the slot, and occasionally at the LOS as a TE. He’s going to be a monster in the red zone especially.

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Not feeling it…this franchise has too much to focus on. Please not another tight end in top 10. Honestly wouldn’t even do it if it were gronk in his prime. We don’t have Stafford. Goff is an unknown right now and we field a pee wee under 6 flag football defense. For the love of god… please


Wait a minute there …

Might wanna rethink that.


Given the state of this franchise right now…no im not rethinking if i score 45 you score 46 who wins. Plus what has gronk done without Brady the GOAT

I’d perversely like to see us draft Pitts at #7 just for the Den meltdowns. I’m drunk on Kool-aid with this regime, so I’d figure we actually do have the smartest guy in the room.


Haha, the meltdowns would be epic.

I currently use a memory foam pillow - LOVE it. As a stomach sleeper, it helps to keep the pain out of my neck, after a long recalibration of peacefully staring into the back of my eyelids.

We draft a TE @7, I’m gonna have to get a new pillow made of a more absorbent material. LOL. Definitely trust the new management. This would still suck for me.

I wanna see a new WR and a new RB.
I wanna see the best downfield blocking in the league, as our WRs flatten DBs regularly, while Swift and his new buddy bust out the 40+ yard gains.

Time to get ugly on O.
If this new guy is basically a giant WR, maybe he can fit in with that? I dunno. I dont’ know enough about the FA WR we just Brought in. Is he a legit badass #2?


I’d rather double down on CBs and grab Farley to pair with Okudah. If we keep Coleman for nickel duty, assuming Okudah hits his incredible upside and potential … pairing that with a 6’2, 4.24 speed CB that could also be elite is very tempting. This is all assuming Sewell isn’t there, of course.

if we are going offensive skill we should take one of the top WRs over another TE. someone needs to take the top off the defense

As great as it would be to have two elite TE’s we desperately need to add more speed to both sides of the ball. Please not another TE. Rather take a WR or OT.

Every time I see someone mention Pitts, I get frustrated more and more lol.

Please guys NO more pitts talk.

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Or you could enhance your Den experience by setting everyone else on “ignore”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I already talk to myself enough as is haha


Yeah I’m with you. I like him as a prospect but not for this team. Don’t see how adding him would make our offense unstoppable either like the title of the thread suggests. I’d much prefer something like

7OA - WR Ja’Marr Chase
41OA - OT Teven Jenkins
72OA - RB Najee Harris
88OA - WR Rashod Bateman

Not saying this is what I’d do, but fits more along the lines of making the offense unstoppable. Harris and Bateman could go a little earlier but it’s nice to dream.

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Dude I’m on board with that. Let’s make this offense too 5 and try to find diamonds in the rough along with a better scheme for the defense

That would be a heck of a haul. Harris and Swift together would be fun. We gotta draft a pass rusher or impact linebacker though somewhere early in the draft.

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People love to look at multi dimensional college players and think they can be that in the pros… it’s just not going to happen. Pitts would be a disaster of a pick. He’s not a blocker. He’s an F tight end only. A giant waste of resources. He’s not playing the x or z in the pros. And he’s not a good enough blocker to play the y and give you an advantage in the run game. Plus, we drafted that guy in the top 10 already…in another big reach. Take smith or chase or waddle. They all can play the x, z, or y.

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Pitts is a good prospect. Every year there is an athletic F tight end that gets way over hyped for their position. Njoku, engram, etc. Not worth a top 10 pick. Value isn’t there

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I agree with you but Pitts is nowhere near as raw as those players. From all accounts I’ve read he’s a unique prospect and as valued in recent drafts well deserving of a top 10. I also don’t buy that a player with his skills and outlook can’t develop into a solid blocker. I get the sentiment with our TE history but we just hit on a pro bowl difference maker and the options behind him haven’t panned out yet. Outside of Quinn botching the telegraph of wanting to trade back we did about as well as could’ve expect with that selection. Also, my view of Pitts as a draftable candidate is predicated on retaining Golladay.

There’s something to be said about learning from history and letting emotions related to the past cloud judgement. The only time we’ve seen a 2 TE setup like that it was deadly and Campbell knows the position, possibilities we’ll. On the other hand the more I watch the other 3 receivers the more I love. I see advantages to each, both in versatility and matchup. Would be pumped about any of the 4. Which strategy do we want to take?

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