30% Of Pakistani Pilots Have Fake Licenses

There is so much I could say about this but jeez …

Alarmingly, a preliminary investigation into a deadly plane crash in Pakistan has found that 1-in-3 of the country’s pilots have fake licenses and are unqualified to fly. The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus A320 crashed in the city of Karachi on May 22 after taking off from Lahore, killing 97 people.

While it remains unclear whether the pilots of the ill-fated aircraft were among those with wrongfully acquired licenses, a PIA spokesman said that they were discussing coronavirus throughout the flight, were unconcentrated, overconfident and ignored several warnings from air traffic control. They tried to touch down on their initial attempt without lowering the landing gear, resulting in the tower observing a shower of sparks from the engines and they then crashed into a residential part of Karachi on their second landing attempt after their engines failed.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Pakistan’s aviation minister, addressed the country’s National Assembly and said that out of 860 active pilots serving domestic airlines (and some foreign carriers), 262 have fake licenses. He said that those individuals paid someone else to sit the exam on their behalf and were thus unqualified to fly. PIA immediately grounded all pilots with fake licenses once the shocking revelation emerged. The International Air Transport Association is monitoring the situation and it stated that it is “following reports from Pakistan regarding fake pilot licenses, which are concerning and represent a serious lapse in the licensing and safety oversight by the aviation regulator”.

Now repeat this across many other countries with lax standards, enforcement and corruption cultures. Scary.


I would put money down that is even higher for people from that part of the world coming to the U.S. touting fake Masters Degrees in Computer Science and fake degrees from Medical Schools to be Doctors.


What could possibly go wrong?

The poorer the country the more likely bad things are happening
Think of every company you’ve ever worked for
Problems, issues
Every business in the world
And you know a good % of those businesses don’t give a rats ass about anything other than the owners lining their pockets with as much as they can, as quickly as they can
I’ve seen it at a business my wife did contract work for
Software company, sold $5m of software to a US city
Said they could do everything
Impossible to deliver
The business policy was to pay sales commission ON SALE, rather on successful delivery
The God fearing President who held daily prayer meetings sold that project, pocketed the commission and within 2 years the business was being sued for failing to deliver
We knew it would happen the day the sale was made
Fuckers …
The business was sold off — it’s still around, a shell of its former self
The world is filled with fast talkers who DO nothing

Pre-911, like a couple of years, we found a pile of fake pilot licences in the trunk of a US car with Arabic names printed on them. IIRC we sent the info up the chain. Nobody thought people were going to be flying planes into buildings at that time. Seemed like more of the kind of scam this article is talking about, people just wanting to be pilots but can’t or won’t get a proper licence.

I can vouch for this. It’s pandemic world in my chosen field.

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But if they sleep in Holiday Inns they can probably pull it off