36 Minutes of Gibbs college highlights. (with GT & Bama)

He catches a lot of tough balls at GT and makes a lot of moves in the hole when running up the middle. I see this offense breaking a TON of tackles this season adding him, Monty & LaPorta into the mix. This kid (if healthy) is going to be a problem for other teams.

I was one of the few that were super pumped when we took him not only because I thought he was a excellent player but because I wanted Swift gone and hopefully Gibbs is a better version. Swift is a very good RB but 12 games a year doesn’t cut it. Him and Lamar have the same issue.


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Gibbs is hopefully going to be everything we wanted in Swift and more. I love that we have Montgomery to be the bell cow.

I loved jamaal and what he meant to this team but Montgomery is a big upgrade on the field.


I’m not sure there has been a back exactly like this guy.
I feel he’s even faster and more shifty, with better acceleration than Kamara.
Kamara is a bit stronger through the core and better at breaking tackles, but Gibby is better at not even being touched in the first place.

He’s got insane home run ability. He’s got some of the best hands you will ever see on a RB. Literally as smooth as a WR with his hands. He’sequal parts WR and RB.

I don’t think he’s as good at breaking tackles as Debo, but as good or better at WR with even better home run ability.

He’s not Marshal Faulk (perhaps the most well-rounded RB of all time).

IF this guy stays healthy, he has a shot to be in this conversation. Basically, not Barry.
Barry is the goat → behind Barry, it is HIGHLY debatable as to who is #2-10

Faulk? A.Peterson? Bo Jackson? Gibbs? Roger Craig? There are many, many more and I am tired.
I think Gibbs has a ridiculous ceiling and that he is a special talent. This guy stays healthy, he’s going to go OFF on the NFL.
Roger Craig-ish? Faulk-ish? Deebo-ish? Kamara-ish?
…just needs to stay healthy.

In the past, I have used comparisons to Meggette, Metcalf, Sproles, and those types. I think he’s better than those guys, possibly even better than sproles.

Keep in mind… a guy like that impacts a game with FAR more than a stat-line. (■■■■ PFF). If an entire defense has to account for him in their scheme…and Jamo too…that means Ra, LaPorta-Bella, other WRs, Montgomery benefit greatly.

This guys is far more than just speed. Vision, patience, acceleration, relentlessness, leadership, toughness, hands, etc.

Great pick…you’ll see.


The closest in my memory is…
This kids moves are giving me flashbacks.

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If you watch Faulk at San Diego State they look very similar and are almost exactly the same size/weight.


I feel like Barry’s strength was ridiculously underrated. Barry had the shiftiness AND the strength…that’s why he could ruth through some of those gauntlets he faced. I can see some of Barry’s moves, though not to the same degree, but not the same strength. Barry was doing squats with the OL. If I’m remembering correctly, Barry was doing reps with 680 on one of those NFL segments. LOL. The bar just looked like it was more flexible than it was supposed to be.

Gibby will be his own player. He has a chance to outperform Kamara, but health will be the only thing that could stop him from being very, very, high-level.


@BigNatty I can’t possibly drink any more koolaid brother. Thx for being you! Please never change. You got me ready to run through walls.

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Theres only one answer, and it’s Billy Sims!


I see this as an excellent comp! Surprised I didn’t see it earlier. The best part of this comp, Gibbs has better receiving skills.
Loved me some Billy Sims!


What I see watching that:

1.) Patience
2.) Vision
3.) Speed
4.) Not afraid of contact
5.) Moves that make defenders look silly

It will be fun to watch him behind our OL for sure. :grin:

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Faulk was definitely shiftier. That guy’s moves in tight quarters were beyond special. Gibbs is definitely faster. Both had/have spectacular acceleration.

I’ve been trying to find an old article which I think was about Cedric Benson. Its premise was that any decent FBS back could be serviceable in the NFL, except Cedric Benson. It went on to say something along the lines of he had no shake, no bake, and his only move was to run straight ahead until he fumbled. I’m hoping Gibbs can reverse the thinking on first round RBs.

Waiting to see what sort of elaborate downfield blocking scheme Johnson draws up…next level shit that has not yet been seen in the NFL.

Probably no though…he’s a unicorn. Just because RBs are not first round worthy does not mean Gibby is not worthy…Gibbs is a total unicorn.

I get if you look at pure numbers. I think Gibby will put up 120+ yards/game (all purpose).
Think of how good the Lions would have been last year if Swift was healthy the entire season…this is even better than that.


In each quarter!!

12 games a year isn’t the end of the world if we get the FULL PLAYER BACK. Problem with swift is he’ll miss 5 games and then come back and play soft and injured for half of the 12 games he returns to.

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