4 year extension for Ragnow


Good to hear.

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So we will have Frank Ragnow and Frank Raglater? I’ll show myself out…


4 years and just under 70 million

Fantastic news.

Quinn would have just let all of the OL contracts run out at the same time.


Makes sense: * Linsley Contract Value: $62,500,000 ($12,500,000 APY)

The Rams would decide that he’s an irredeemably flawed center by 2023 and trade him plus draft picks to get rid of his contract.

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Tom Pelissero


#Lions center Frank Ragnow’s four-year extension is worth $13.5 million per year, per source. Huge money for Ragnow, one of Detroit’s centerpiece players who’s now under contract for just under $70 million through 2026.

2022: 5th year option = $12,657,000
2023: ext through 2026 = $54,000,000

So $66,657,000 for the next 5 years.


Love it, keep your talent. Make them happy, feel appreciated. This line is set in 4 spots for years now.

Mod team plz ban.



Decker is locked in until 2024.
Jonah Jackson is locked in until 2023.
Ragnow is locked in until 2026.
Vaitai is locked in until 2024.
Sewell will be locked in until 2025.

Vaitai struggled last year at G and T, but it’s possible this was partially due to a lingering injury he was dealing with. If he can get healthy and improve his consistency a bit that is an extremely solid OL. If he doesn’t improve, finding a new OG shouldn’t be the most difficult task.

OL is looking solid for years to come. Add a little more depth and things are looking great on the OL.

Safe to say, at least for now, that our OL is our identity on offense.

I’d love to see the Lions add another RB now.

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I’m becoming more and more encouraged at this team building from the inside-out.

As an offense, you need a pocket and holes. This line seems to offer this in spades.


Again, you are about to watch the greatest line in Detroit Lions history. And they’re all locked in.


Technically true, but given that the dead money & salary cap savings are equal for 2022, $4.2M, the Lions could potentially find an equal (or better) alternative for less $$.

The only way Vaitai stays, even if his play improves, is to restructure and take less money.


I’m hoping Stenberg beats him out by years end and then RG and LG are dirt cheap for the next few seasons.


Frank the Tank!

That’s the perfect scenario, along with a rookie QB possibly being on his deal for 5 years after next year to keep the big contracts separated out…Goffs will be much lower as well if he pans out.

Yes, Stenberg not getting on the field at all in a season where we needed help on the OL made no sense. Yes, getting some rookie contracts for starters and not having to try and use FA dough to fix the holes is what good teams do.

Shall we celebrate this extension with a clip of Ragnow destroying Akiem Hicks?