The combined records of teams that have beat us and not one has a losing record. If Washington wins, then we’ve only played 2 teams with losing records. AND…they won. Record is now 40-16 and we’ve only played 2 teams that aren’t .500 or above.


Eeeesh. I thought our schedule was super-easy coming in. Daaaamn


I think we all thought the same thing, that’s why so many said 6 wins or even sniffing .500. who knew all those teams would get better quicker than us :slight_smile:

We have the highest Strength of Schedule (SOS), .568 . . . that includes the records of all teams that we play. Seems like we always end up with a high SOS.

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Except the Patriots game, where they were beaten like a drum, and the Cowboys game, where it got away from them, the Lions have been in every game down to the end:

The team is reminiscent of the 2010 Lions, who finished 6-10, and were in most games except NE and Dallas:

That’s because we’re the Lions and our coaching has been horrible, close games that you always seem to be on the losing side of. And Ill bet we’re not the only team. A lot of NFL games are with in a score.

There is no warm and fuzzy lining to be in games but usually end up finding a way to lose them. It’s just SOL and reflects on poor coaching

2010’s strong finish (without Stafford), was a stepping stone to 2011’s playoff season.



its kinda insane how outside of chicago and green bay, every team we have played against so far this season has been .500 and above

and we played against Philly, Miami, Dallas, Minny, all trying to compete for a super bowl rn. Coaching def cost us games for sure (Miami and Minny games are the most glaring) but it has improved in the past two weeks.

Giants are a test game for sure, two win streak, just broke a road game losing streak, against a giants team that is honestly much better coached but with lack of talent at skill positions (WR, TE is depleted)

will be an interesting game for us and if they somehow pull of a win, were somehow competing for a play off spot going into the bills game

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That is quite a tough SoS for the NFL, no? No data to go on, but it just seems like quite an outlier win %.

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That’s of teams that beat us. It doesn’t include Washington, Da Bears and Da Cheese.

Outside of Chicago our other 8 opponents are 49-27.


The reality is that there is only 1 team we have played that doesn’t have a legitimate shot at the playoffs and that is the Bears.

Don’t forget about the shitty GM’ing…

LOL. Love it

If we can get Reynolds back I like our chances against the giants. Barkley is having a great season but we have a better shot at slowing him down than we did against fields. Although Daniel Jones can run a bit too.

That’s the issue I see too

I’m just going to say I don’t hate our coach. I understand the criticism. Obviously the record isn’t there.

But one thing that I think some overlook is the transformation the team has made. This team isn’t a bunch of paycheck players anymore. This team is vested in winning and losing. The team is fully bought into the culture here. That is a huge first step in the right direction.

It just feels different. Even other teams have talked about how Detroit is going to never stop coming at you. What is going to happen when the talent catches up to the mentality? Good things I think.



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This is especially true with re to the staff. I was concerned when we went into this season that using smoke and mirrors worked almost too well last season, and that we would rely on that kind of “magic” to our detriment. Well, esp with re to 4th down attempts, guilty. We need growth across the board.


Read an interesting tidbit last night.
We still have the #4 offense in the league.

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