49ers - Cowboys Game Thread

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I have Cowboys winning this, but it’s a coin toss. San Fran plays up to their potential, they leave carcasses on the field.

Old rivalry from the 90s. F both

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Whos ready to watch Jimmy G win NVP???

I so hope that if the Lions make the playoffs next year that they’ll be the Nickelodeon game.

Yeah, but c’mon, both the 80s and 90s versions were fun football.

Aikman vs Young, Montana vs. whoever the hell the Cowboys QB was. Deion vs. Irvin. Jerry Rice, etc, etc.


Oh that was better football.

I think those powder blue pants are perfect for the Cowboys

Just need a little pink mixed in



But cowboys match up pretty good vs tbay.


Everyone go vote for Jimmy G.

Cowboy fans are such assholes.

They can’t just walk through an entrance like normal humans.

Now I’m rooting for SF out of spite.


Want 49ers to win because boys fans suck

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the only thing better… would have been to add Rudolph to that scene… taking a healthy dump on the Cowboy helmet. :poop:

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I mean I used to do that at rock concerts in the 70s…but that was festival seating

These people have $400+ Reserved Seats

Feeling Dumb Jim Carrey GIF

SF doing Dallas like they did the Rams.

They just might be legit.

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These analogies Nate Burleson uses are absolutely hilarious.

By the way you’re rooting for the 49ers because if the Rams lose then their pick goes from 24 to 23.


The DaLLLLLLas Cowboys

I am rooting for them because I hate the Cowboys more than any team not called the Packers


I root for any team that plays the cowboys…I’ll even root for Stafford to have 500+ yds, 5 td’s, a win against them if they play, that’s how much I hate the cowboys.

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Jimmy is a playoff QB, Trey Lance? I thought it was a stupid pick, 3 firsts and a 3rd I think or they got a 3rd, whatever. Jimmy is the real deal. So, they have Jimmy under contract for 1 more year, how do you let him go? Maybe they can trade him for 2 firsts, eh,who knows. He’s only 30.