49ers sign Lions RFA Brock Wright to offer sheet

Well, I disagree.

Maybe he knows a little more, I don’t know, nor do I really care. My point is that’s basically irrelevant. They could hire our assistant TE coach if they wanted to. They could hire QBs or RBs (who obviously know the blocking schemes). If it meant that much to them, they could find out many ways.

I also suspect that they already know 99% of what our former players could tell them. There are no mysteries on the tape. Everyone knows what we run. They may not know what we call it in the huddle like Wright does, but countering that’s as simple as changing the call. I suspect every team does this every year, given how many guys they lose.


There are 2 guys that I thought we could/should replace this year on O, Wright and Cabinda. There’s plenty of guys on this board that dis players the second they are gone, I’m not one of them Good for Wright, at least they know what they have and what they can and can’t count on. And Zylstra rated higher than Wright at blocking when he did play. They may forego TE all together at this point.

If we did that we would basically have traded

Brock Wright

For Donovan Peoples Jones & Carleton Davis

We would be giving up a 6th with Brock for the 3.

Exactly we got 2 6s back from Carleton Davis

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I guess Brock must be really good. I guess I thought he was just an average back up. Maybe that’s the going rate for a guy like him. SF sure likes him.

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Well, that makes me a happy camper.
Brock is a very good all around TE, and the defense better not sleep on his agility and strength with the ball in his hands.
Still wish JRey would have paid more attention to his “fans” than his detractors. Cheers!

Brock isn’t a low skilled nobody either. I’ve attached a snapshot from Rivals 2017 tight end recruiting class. At one point Brock was considered the #1 TE in the country. He got overshadowed by some quality competition. Brock was an underutilized college TE who is developing as a player the staff trusts.


Im not worried about the contract at all!

I can’t imagine his cap hit for 2024 is going to be that much more if any than his initial $2.99

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Safe to say SF will be burning a 3rd round pick on a backup TE. Hehe… Well, played Villian. As they wait on their last 3rd round TE to recover from an ACL.


Nobody in the league is unskilled, but there’s a reason he was a UDFA. Also I’m basing my take on Wright’s blocking from watching him play in the league, and I can comfortably say he and Campbell are in different stratospheres when it comes to that particular skill.


Great point

We should probably harp on this a bit more

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I believe he caught 5 passes at Notre Dame.

Correction, 7 in 3 seasons.

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What we are finding out is the “reason” isn’t what you are trying to refer to.

No, it is. To go along with all the other reasons.

For this play alone I’m stoked to keep him



Per release, Biff Poggi has added 11-year NFL veteran Dre’
Bly to the 49ers’ coaching staff.

Bly will serve as a
defensive analyst. He was the cornerbacks coach for the Detroit Lions
last season, after spending the past four years as corners coach for
North Carolina. pic.twitter.com/okaGVFhMJu

Hunter Bailey (@Hunter_Bailey45) April
3, 2024

SF wants intel bad!!!

Via Charlotte NC.

And to think….he has 7 TD receptions as a pro in 3 years…. :wink:


They can have all the intel they want on our CB play from 2023

Bly & Chase Lucas have it all