5 Detroit Lions players who will not be back in 2023

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Brockers not on the list means they had to put “someone else” on there for shock value.

Shit opinion piece disguised as a cut list.

My 5 overlap Anzalone and AO.

Sub in Big V Brockers and Romeo over Harris Goff and Chark as my first 5 departures, but I would agree on Chark being 6th.

Harris is a minor cap savings of $2m as compared to the $7m of Romeo. That said if we run this scheme next year that isnt a fit for Harris, I can see it being Romeo kept.



Given that he’s been inactive, Brockers is an obvious No. 1.

Chark’s inability to stay healthy, plus the debut of Jamo, makes him a likely departure (absent a willingness to take a contract at the Josh Reynolds level).

Due to his inability to stay healthy 3 seasons in a row, Cephus is another who could be on that list even though his salary is only $1,010,000.

Goff and Anzalone will likely be back. The former, potentially to serve as a bridge to a drafted QB, and the latter, just because the staff seems to like having his veteran presence on a young defense.

Owuriyae going in the tank, another highly likely one.

If Romeo is back, which is possible, he may have to take a dramatic pay cut ala Nick Williams.


OTC has us at $50M cutting Big V Chark and Brockers.

Harris vs Romeo is about a $4m savings keeping Harris…depends how Romeo plays I guess.

Probably a little fat to cut in there as well…Stenberg etc but its all neutral at thise low levels due to replacement cost, so $50 to $54M before restructures and resigning our own FA, paying rookies, cap space for in season etc.

@DeadStroke has us in the same ballpark, which is $10M off for rookies and same for in season+PS salary .

$30M to fill 11-12 more roster slots after you account for 7- 8 rookies/UDFAs to make the team.

Not a bonanza, but enough space to make some noise at a couple positions.


I’d bring Brockers back at the right price… so much GRIT! The way he stands on the sidelines, not complaining, and counting his money is extremely admirable. When Hutch gets a sack, and Brockers makes eye contact with him that’s what dreams are made of.


Guys, I don’t think we’re allowed to “discredit” “news” sources.
Banning that type of stuff :wink:

Joking, joking, joking…


Man, I really thought AO was going to be a cornerstone. How he fell off the planet bewilders me.


You’re not alone in that one my friend. I’d say that flag fest game messed him up but he wasn’t playing well before that either.

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That’s actually a great point and question, Harris doesn’t seem to fit this scham but is cheap and heathly and Romeo fits but will he return to form. It will be interesting to see I think maybe it’s why they wanna get him playing a bit to get a look.

Bockers not being on the list is a major wiff.
Kinda of a odd list of you ask me.

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It’s all part of the conspiracy to destroy Goff’s career.
He totally ignored the “low hanging fruit”, and went after the one piece that has had us in most games this season.


Oh so that is what it is people trying to destroy Goff’s career.

Thanks for sparing me the effort and waste of time!


Tell you what, Goff hasn’t had the quality of receivers the last 5 games that Aaron Rodgers has had.

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2nd time this article has made it on this forum.

Goffs problems that I see isn’t his WRs the thing that I see and some of these others is the way he plays when under pressure. Goff good and accurate but when he gets pressured or under distress he looks terrible. Go back a watch his fumbled he looks completely lost at times. It’s not just his WRs it’s the way he handles pressure that set him back from guys like Stafford or Rodgers. That’s why you read so much about him having to have everything prefect, witch is not totally true but what he does need really good protection to play at a high level.

Now this is my opinion I don’t want to argue about all the things he does or does not have. Jared short comings is he does play well under any kind of pressure.

Now that’s my opinion


You picked the wrong year to make that kind of observation.


Lol I know both having a bad year, but I’m talking about how they handle pressure in not just this year in there career. It’s just a whole different look then Jared. Iike you don’t have to agree but I see a hudge difference in how they handle it.

So far Matt Stafford nor Russ have done so hot in the face of a lot of pressure.

Frankly never have D Jones, Z Wilson or Mac Jones- but they benefit from zero expectations outside of their respective markets.

Big V
and either Harris or Romeo are gone and that’s your 20-23M or total of about 50-53M

If Romeo shows out, I don’t mind he and Paschal strongside, and Hutch and JO weak side before the draft. Fits a 4 man front better that Harris who is redundant with Hutch and JO…

Chark can’t be cut, he’s not under contract… it’s just dead money. That hit exists already. We have to pay more for him to come back.

There are coverage backers like Simpson and Campbell who would plug and play.

RGs like Voorhees and others, plug and play….

Now you have properly replaced Big V and Analzone in round 2…. AA is a Ufa too, can’t cut him as much as I’d love too.

Round 3 is a deep threat WR to replace Chark…

Draft a DT and sign Payne.

Then trade our other pick down add a 2nd…. Draft CB and RB. Sign M Peters and A Amos

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Yeah, he handles pressure bad, like Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers, Stafford, Allen…
Show me one QB that can handle pressure consistently.
Did you happen to notice Fields at the endbof the game Sunday. That was pressure.
Okudas pick six. Yeah, that was pressure.

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