5 years into the Future: Who will be the NFLs top QB’s?

I was thinking. As Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Big Ben, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Joe Flacco, P. Rivers and Aaron Rogers are looking like their NFL days are almost over. Who will be the top veteran QB’s 5 Years from now?

I think we will be seeing a ton of changes at QB in the next few years.

  1. P. Mahomes
  2. R. Wilson
  3. K. Murray
  4. L. Jackson
  5. T. Brady (Still winning SB’s … lol)

In all seriousness.

Wentz doesn’t seem like he can stay healthy and I think he’s in the second tier anyway.

Prescott will probably end up around 10th.

Mayfield is possible but my gut tells me CLE continues to struggle.

Goff maybe but I don’t think so.

Stafford could be the old man of the bunch but his back worries me. I think the Lions have to start thinking about their QB depth.

Seriously who will be the top QB 5 years from now?

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Trevor Lawrence

Deshaun Watson

For sure

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Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are both going to be terrific pros IMO.

I would bet almost anything that ARodgers will still be playing after Stafford retires.
I would say among guys in the NFL right now in no particular order

I don’t see a group like we see Brees, Brady, Rodgers right now.

I see Mahomes and Wilson as proven, so assuming Wilson is still healthy at 36, he would still be there. I’m slow to come around on Watson, but he is beginning to impress me. I really don’t know what to make of Jackson right now. Same with Murray. I have more confidence in Lawrence than either one of them. And if we’re going to throw Wilson in there at 36, then I’m putting Stafford in there at 36.

I wouldn’t bet a wooden nickel on any of this 5 years out.

Matt had a broken back last season and it’s affecting him to the point he may not play today. He’s a rich man.
I’m thing drafting Eason is the right move, and he will be a top QB.

Matt has the kind of money to have his back totally repaired inside, especially with today’s technology and he can get it done much faster than us working Joe’s due to his celebrity status and income. Stafford can go to the best of the best Physician’s in the Country or out of the US. so it’s done correctly and with much less risk.

Instead of making big ugly cuts on his back, they can make incisions less than an inch wide by the most problematic areas…so that heal time is greatly reduced.