53 Man Predictions after Pre-Season Game 2

Who doesn’t love roster building? Here’s what I got just based on camp reports and what we’ve seen on the field in the preseason so far. Things could change if we pick up another team’s cuts or barring injury, but that stuff is hard to project, so I’m just going based on what we have now and who I would pick based on what I’ve read/seen.

QB Jared Goff David Blough
RB D’Andre Swift Jamal Williams Craig Reynolds Justin Jackson
FB Jason Cabinda (PUP)
WR X D.J. Chark Jameson Williams (NFI) Tom Kennedy
WR Z Josh Reynolds Quintez Cephus
WR Y St. Brown Kalif Raymond
TE T.J. Hockenson Brock Wright James Mitchell Shane Zylstra (Cabinda)
LT Taylor Decker
LG Jonah Jackson
C Frank Ragnow Evan Brown
RG Halapoulivaati Vaitai Tommy Kraemer
RT Penei Sewell Matt Nelson

Notes: I give the slight nod to Blough over Boyle, but could just as easily see it going the other way. I think Jackson is far and away a better runner than Godwin/Jefferson at this point. JJ could be a PS stash again. If Cabinda can’t go, I could see them keeping a 4th TE. If not, Zylstra (or Mitchell, I guess) could end up on the PS. I find it hard to leave Kennedy off the roster at this point since all he does is make plays so far. Benson has been steady and Alexander brings some pop to the return game, but I don’t know if either has done enough to warrant a spot on the 53 man. I think the Lions only keep 8 on the OL again. The backups have versatility to play across the line if needed.

DE Aidan Hutchinson Austin Bryant John Cominsky
DT Alim McNeill Demetrius Taylor
DT Michael Brockers Levi Onwuzurike
DE Romeo Okwara (PUP) Charles Harris Josh Paschal (PUP) Julian Okwara
LB Malcom Rodriguez Chris Board Anthony Pittman
LB Alex Anzalone Derrick Barnes
CB Jeff Okudah Will Harris Savion Smith
CB Amari Oruwariye Jerry Jacobs (PUP) Bobby Price
NB A.J. Parker Chase Lucas
S DeShon Elliott Ifeatu Melifonwu
S Tracy Walker Kerby Joseph C.J. Moore

Notes: A lot of the DL can be moved around. These are the guys I think have made the biggest impact so far. Could really use another BIG behind McNeill, as we really don’t have a backup for his role if he goes down. LB is what it is, I’m keeping Pittman for his ST play. CB, I’m not sure…I can see Lucas making the team as the backup NB, but that doesn’t leave a spot for Mike Hughes, who they paid a decent amount for a 1yr deal. Lucas could be a PS guy, but do they risk him getting poached? Safety depth is rough, but I think those are the guys, Moore is kept as a ST ace.

K Austin Seibert
P Jack Fox
LS Scott Daly
KR Kalif Raymond
PR Kalif Raymond

Notes: With this roster, I can’t see justifying a spot for just a KR/PR. Alexander showed some pop and could make some noise here, but who’s spot does he take? I think Raymond can do a decent job and unless you have a game changer here, is it worth keeping a guy here and diminishing the level of skill in another area?

What do you guys have? What changes would you make? This stuff is always fun for me and one of my favorite parts of the season since we never seen to do that well once the season starts. Haha.


I’ll post later this evening. It’s curious how Bryant was left in the game so long.


I don’t see a thing to argue with. I think you’ve nailed it.
That’s the best team we can field.


Probably giving him a chance to solidify his position, or play himself off the team.
He’s a Lion.

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I think a lot of it also has to do with Julian Okwara being out and Banks getting injured.

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He looked to be wanting the reps… like when he was briefly banged up and didn’t want to come out. Not sure if I would jave let keep playing… but he has to have a spot secured by mow.

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only question would be at CB i would keep Hughes over Price

Also would add Buggs an put Levi on 6 game IR

I will get flack but not sure Julian makes it.

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if you’re not dead on the money…you’re daaaaamn close. Nice breakdown. I liked what you had to say about KR/PR too, even though I’m a HUGE fan of having a specialist…they have to be special to carry a dude solely for that reason.

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This is where I’ve landed. I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel on it being exactly where we land, though. I’m really not sure what they’re doing with Cabinda’s spot while he’s out. Going with another TE makes a lot of sense, but I stuck with RB.

I struggled with cutting CJ Moore and Tom Kennedy from my 53.

My edited 53-man projection:

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I like a lot of your close choices, but it’s not quite a Vulcan mind meld with me. I don’t have time at the moment, so I’ll comment later.

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Quick thought: Perhaps because he’s never–to my knowledge–had intense full game reps and they wanted to see how he’d respond.


I feel like a broken record sometimes…
but Price is nearly a lock because he is a top special teams player… runs with the 1st team in all 4 phases.


Something to keep in mind is whether the team can get a guy to the PS. Without knowing more, I think Houston and Eze are candidates to be cut/re-signed. I don’t see either of those guys helping another team right now.

Additionally, as things stand it is unlikely the team keeps 7 WR. I admit I don’t understand the rules with PUP/Williams and whether he has to be rostered. With that caveat, I think only one of Benson/Kennedy/Alexander make the team. I don’t think it will be Kennedy.

Nice breakdown.

The only change I’d make if I was this staff would be cut one of those TEs and keep Alexander. I genuinely think someone snatches him up, and that won’t happen with one of those lower-end TEs.


I’d love ot somehow sneak Funchize into the pup list or something like that. Just in case of a “Break glass in case of emergency” type situation.

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You did a really good job but leaving Hughes off might be the one that I disagree with.


Hughes is probably our starting NB right now.

If anything I think Parker might be fighting for a spot.


Yeah, Hughes was my hardest cut. I don’t know that anyone has really separated themselves. Could very easily see NB being any combination of Hughes/Lucas/Parker.

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Some notes here on your projections…
QB -Boyle could be favored over Blough as a veteran game planner…

Craig Reynolds and Igwebuike can rotate from active to practice squad protected
leaving the casualty as J. Jefferson…the vet addition of J. Jackson should help RB

If Cabinda is on the PUP expect the Lions to keep one more blocking TE than normal

Tom Kennedy was solid in the 2nd team, yet i would cut him and keep Benson…Kalif Raymond, Maurice Alexander look interchangeable to me, you still have Pimpleton to fall back on …Alexander appears the better KR, keeping Benson better equips you to backup, compete with Cephus… If Benson is not improving maybe they move on and keep Kennedy as an emergency WR, i don’t see it that way…I don’t see Benson erasing Cephus easily either…Cephus gives you another guy who can go up and get it, red zone value scores points in the WR group, just as KR specialist does

The Lions can protect 4 players on the practice squad each week, change who to protect weekly…basically it could be a TE,RB,OL,CB from what i am seeing…the most valuable of which is probably going to be two OL, Detroit must choose wisely

The Lions 2nd team oline performed well this year, among the hardest roster decisions will be the practice squad protection, because they may not be able to protect both a TE, RB with such promising linemen. Because Alexander is the better KR, can’t be protected it is better to cut or trade Raymond for a priority FA now. The Lions will not need all 6 WRs to carry the offense, they need to trust their additions…Kerby Joseph can’t be exposed…With Raymond as the featured WR the Lions won 3…just saying

Melifonwu will likely count on the 6 CB list, fill in as the 5th safety, the Lions have
undrafted CBs in reserve …It is possible but unlikely they cut Moore, keep one more CB

I see the Lions keeping Elliott,Walker,Moore,Joseph at S
If I had to bet money, I am betting the Lions would expose Savion Smith, Bobby Price
Mike Hughes ends up the solution to a missing Jerry Jacobs

Isn’t that how the Cowboys got to the super bowl, putting healthy players on the PUP early? The Lions oline depth is going to be what is most attractive for waiver claims, i don’t think our CBs or are good enough to worry about claiming at this point…

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