6 Free Agents Lions Could Sign Before Training Camp


But DT Blacklock would be somewhat interesting as a veteran depth piece who could be stashed on the P.S. in case of injury.

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I bet we’re still open to help at TE and vet safety.

It’s probably make or break for James Mitchell and if he isn’t consistently showing growth and Shane zylstra is still showing rust… they may opt for a TE who can flex at FB to hold the first down until we can meaningfully replace the position next offseason.

And Brandon Joseph has been balling out this off season but so was that corner back that we lost to the cardinals. We may prefer a veteran who has done it before.

Otherwise I think the bottom of our roster is already full

I’d look at swing tackles. Behind Deck and Penei who do we have?
All would be very shaky starters.

To me, that’s the No. 1 priority.

We signed CJ Moore back.

So we have KerJo, Iffy, Branch (if he moves from slot), Brandon Joseph, CJ Moore. I think we’re good at safety.

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