9 Proposed Rule Changes for the 23 Season

Lions led the way with three submissions that will be voted on. :ballot_box:

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Being able to review roughing the passers would be interesting. But, would it work!? Remember when you could review pass interference and the refs refused to ever change the call on the field no matter how obvious the right call was. It didn’t work at all and they canned it.


Hopefully the review gets kicked upstairs to New York so you don’t have the same people validating their own crappy calls.


“The franchise provided the reasoning behind their submissions for protecting the “integrity of the game” and “competitive equity,” according to the NFL’s news release.”
Translation → “Lions provide following explanation behind submissions…YOU GUYS KEEP ■■■■■■■ US!!!”

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Rule change that likely will pass is the Emergency QB one that we submitted

feels like a gimmy tbh


I don’t like the Eagles one. The 4th and 20 thing is cool…in the XFL.

I like letting guys wear 0. It’s become a staple for a couple of college guys now so might as well let the pros wear it too.

And of course I like all of ours.

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It will especially be great when we draft Darnell Washington.

What is this rule!? I don’t watch the XFL at all.