96-0 at halftime (HS Football)

IMG Academy played a school from Canada yesterday and they called the game at halftime after the score was 96-0. I felt bad for those kids. Who is scheduling these games? I feel like their safety was at risk, pads or not. They aren’t in the same stratosphere as IMG. It’s like a College team is playing an NFL team.

Haven’t the refs ever heard of halftime adjustments…lol let the coaches play in the 2nd half

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3 fumble recoveries for TDs in the 1st quarter…
that is really self inficted wounds.

What is IMG doing?

Scheduling a patsy does nothing for the program and if it’s so thr kids can get highlight game tape, I mean scouts throw that shit right out…cmon.

My brother toured IMG a few years ago. Impressive, but very factory like feel, and it should, everyone knows its not a school and they dont disabuse that notion.

Tuition is steep, though. 85k/yr