A 2nd Tight End

I believe that this offense needs a 2nd Tight End to really make it work. We need that added option in the passing game, not to mention we need a backup for Hock as he’s been hurt 2 of his 3 years.

So, who do you like and when?


You could argue 2nd TE is the biggest need on the offense currently. Especially when you consider Hock has finished 2 of 3 seasons on injured reserve.


Darnell Washington next year, if he comes out for the draft.

Draft icky and go 6 ol 2 TE 1 RA 1 swift and goff. If you want to get chark on the field just sub out swift or one of the te and put ra in at te or rb. Problem solved, who needs receivers in that offense… we got Ra and the big nasties

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Can’t argue with that… 2 tight ends would be great. :sunglasses:

Sewell playing some TE would be epic! And he’d be outstanding at it.

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Pick #177 on my “Final Mock Draft 1.0. Now With Confirmation Bias!!” should be the same as on my “Final Mock Draft 2.0. Now With Baseless Assertions!!”, which is due to drop soon.

Any one of my groupies could tell you who that pick is, but since that one–only one actually–is not talking until he receives a living wage, I’ll tell: Austin Allen/Nebraska.

Isaiah Likely would add a different element to this offense and we coached him as the Senior Bowl. He would probably have to be drafted at 66 if we really wanted him, but I would be more inclined to see if he falls to our comp 3rd.

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Michael Mayer is a badass

Eddie Murphy GIF

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I like Grant Calcaterra as a late round guy. Huge character. Definitely a Campbell type guy. Injury risk, but nice upside.

Deep TE class, best available at 177. Next year, Sam LaPorta, 53 receptions for 670 yards 2021. We have like 100 TE’s on the roster right now and only 1 of them was drafted. They signed a guy not too long ago, same MO. For whatever reason they are playing moneyball at TE. I’ve had TE as the 2nd biggest need on O next to WR.

They definitely need a TE2
Day 2 vs day 3 pick?

I suppose they’ll simply draft BPA

Haha did I blow your mind!? What’s a bigger need on offense? The Oline is pretty set, RB’s are deep, WR’s are improved.

If not 2nd TE, maybe starting QB.

The defense on the other hand, has more needs than Maslow’s hierarchy.

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I like Charlie Kolar and Jake Furguson to pair with Hock. That 2nd 3rd Rd pic sounds about right. Also like Greg Dulcich and Isaiah Likely


My offensive wish list is:
#1 WR
1 flex TE
1 inline TE
1 developmental Guard (preferably with positional versitility)
1 pass catching RB

I doubt we get all of those but that’s my wish list. I think WR1 is likely the only need that we HaVE to address on day 1.

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Yea, I’d still like another WR in the draft. But Chark, Reynolds, St. Brown, Cephus and Reymond are a decent group of 5. We have more depth at WR than we do at TE was the point of my original comment.

@ TE we have Hock and then a bunch of practice squad level players with almost no nfl experience. @ WR we have 5 guys that have all played a good amount of snaps in the nfl. And Goff had a real connection with St. Brown, Reynolds and Cephus. Hopefully Chark adds the speed element we need to stretch the field and threaten safeties deep. If we are going to draft a WR, I want a speedster because Chark is on a 1 year deal.

The only thing Maslow needs more than air is a bag for that face…


Evidently handsomeness didn’t make his list. lol

I like your thinking. Online tight end was addressed while I hope a running back will be added in round two next year. Kind of want two receivers this draft.