A Chiefs & Lions Fan Reaction to Week 1


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Love his videos.

I love that he keeps going back to the Brian Branch well.

If you know, you know.


In watching branches, college highlights, I would not have expected him to be this far along his rookie year. Those of you who are advocating strongly for him…


well you would have been wrong then :wink:

like gibbs (one of your favs), branch was already nfl ready watching that tape. those two guys are cut from the same cloth. to be fair though, branch’s position (or should i say positionS) is ( are) a much more difficult transition at the nfl level, which means he does have more growth. so we can all be right :slight_smile:

speaking of positions. interesting that both guys will be asked to play multiple roles as rookies on their respective side of the ball aka their responsibilities will be greater than most rookies that only are asked to do one thing and yet both are already contributing!

Really like his video’s, thanks for posting. Our rookies did well but yes, Branch was a total steal. Four players in the first 2 rounds and they ALL came out in game 1 vs the SB champs and not only did they not embarrass themselves, they were good to great. Expectations are high because they should be.

Yup. Totally considering position. RB is more likely to translate, certainly more quickly.

Gibby is still learning the playbook for 2 positions as well.

Love it.

Sometimes even the top DBs don’t do well early on.

Branch and Gibby are amazing already

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Here’s his reaction to the Branch interception :joy:


Perfect sunday entertainmaint till Redzone and Scott Hanson.

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Our top 4 rookies all made the highlight reels, game #1.
“Horrible drafting. Terrible positional value.”

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