A controlling NFL?

I know a lot of posters are OK with not making a deal for Ramsey, I’m not one of those posters. A 3rd round pick is not a lot to ask for. I’m a bit disappointed but Holmes deserves (I guess) the benefit of the doubt. It has brought up the Rodgers/Jets talk. Way back in time, where did Favre get traded to? The Jets. Where is Rodgers (probably) going? The Jets. Sometimes I get the feeling that the NFL is a bit more controlling than fans think. Maybe the Lions were not able TO trade for him.


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It all depends on the day.
Usually, I think the NFL is a slightly more realistic WWE.

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From what I read, Ramsey wanted Miami, and would’ve demanded an even dumber contract if they tried sending him elsewhere, which may have prevented a deal.


Welcome, Lionsfan4life. I don’t think you need a conspiracy theory to explain Brad not splurging on a Ramsey trade and contract. IMO, Brad and Dan are trying to build sustainable excellence, rather then push all their chips in for one or two seasons followed by nuclear winter. Veteran FAs with pricey contracts on the downside of their careers don’t fit in that model.


Welcome to the board! I think you might be onto something here. Big markets like New York are often where the stars end up.

@LionFrog - You are a wise man!


Ramsey not coming to the Lions has nothing to do with Brad.

Ramsey wanted to go to Miami and the Rams made it happened.

It’s a nothing burger.


Andy Reid doesn’t like those kind of burgers! And neither do I, extra bacon and at least make it a double with cheese!


LOL. I’ve actually had a hankering for Miller’s burger.


Good morning. I have every reason to believe Brad did work the phone to see what it would take. I am reasonably certain it isn’t the draft pick that was the issue, but the cap space that would be involved. Add in that Jalen wanted to be in Miami, and I can’t get too worked up over not getting him.

As for Rodgers going to the Jets, it is sort of like DeJa’Vu all over again. But I am not so sure that the league is driving it as much as mutual interest.

Otherwise known as a Joe Cullen burger.

Did you consider that Ramsey might not have wanted to play here? He may not have had a say but a teams rep is worth something. Sending star players where they want to go is an element of that.

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Super Bowl winning coach Joe Cullen that is! Put some respect on his name. He was looking for a new team, called up a Head Coach who loves cheeseburgers the most, then was immediately hired by Andy. Even look at the Chiefs team colors compared to the Wendy’s logo!? Match made in heaven.

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