A couple of beat writers observations about OL vs TE-FB blocking

Justin Rogers

I just finished the first quarter of the film and I’m surprised how good the offensive line’s run blocking has been. Blown blocks have been by TE/FB and another where WR had no shot to dig out safety who shoots the gap. That one is just a good defensive design.

Scott Warheit

I pointed this out yesterday: Lions’ lowest-graded run blocker per PFF is Bawden, and it isn’t particularly close. It’s really been hurting them. 3rd worse (and 2nd, if you don’t count Crosby’s one game) is Jesse James.


I haven’t gone back and looked at the film in detail yet. I’m wondering if they are asking the guys to take on tougher than typical assignments for their position. I just throw it out there because it would be a very Belichick thing to do. The first month of the season is where he tests the guys limits to see how far they can go, so if they ever need them to do it later in the year, they know whether the guy can do it or not.


I’d like to see your input on this, if you do go back and check it out. Love reading your stuff.

Well, when you face 8 in the box as heavily as we have, those are the guys who don’t normally have the kind of blocking duties that that D presents.

kyle meinke

Graham Glasgow is the No. 8 guard in the game, per @PFF. And what do you know, Joe Dahl is 11th. Oh, look, Frank Ragnow is the No. 2 center. Confirms what I thought I was seeing on tape. The interior has played much better the last two weeks. Run blocking looks esp close to me.


Logan Lamorandier


#Lions C Frank Ragnow is PFF’s No. 1 ranked center in the run blocking department for a reason

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Hopefully this will translate to the running game picking up steam as the season progresses. I am sure especially looking forward to how we look coming out of the bye week.


Wish I had time to watch the tape. Hopefully TJ starts putting it together on the edge. He’s been penalized frequently so far in his rookie year. One of his strengths coming into the league was he was a “devastating” blocker.

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Well, he wasn’t penalized in either the opener vs Arizona, nor the LAC game.

Hmmm interesting. You’re right. He’s been logged with 2 penalties. None declined. My memory is failing me or I’m remembering him logging some penalties in preseason.

I thought about this very idea when I kept reading that Patrica was or wasn’t putting guys in position to maximize their strengths.
Multiplicity is his mantra, and he has to use these guys in different areas sometime. I’m really hoping it really starts coming all together, and soon.
Somethings are already working, so it seems.

Definitely going to make a difference, when he starts being penalized less. I think 4 penalties, so far.

That was always a bit of a stretch, and people kept repeating it so it took on a life of its own. TJ is not the kind of guy you’d assign a one on one block vs Julius Peppers. That was the example I used before the draft. Why? Because that’s how good Pettigrew was as a blocker. I literally watched him throwing key blocks vs Julius Peppers one on one…and win. I don’t think TJ will ever be that kind of a blocker. But what was clear was that he was willing, he had good technique for a tight end but most importantly he could GET TO blocks very few tight ends could get to. And that’s what really stood out to me about him. When you are designing your run game, you can do some really wicked chit with TJ and he’ll get to the block. And if you’ve watched the domino effect of blocking assignments (or know them from experience), having flexibility in assigning a particular player to make a certain block can make or break how the rest of the play unfolds as you assign the rest of the guys.

BUT…the idea that this kid was lining up and blowing opponents off the ball every down was a myth. It looks good on a highlight film when he catches a weak opponent or catches a decent guy off guard and knocks the snot out of him…but that was never the reality of who he was as a blocker. And I’m okay with that, because the kids movement skills, route running and catching ability in the passing game was next level.

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Yea, I was taking a subtle dig at the TJ pre-draft hype train. You knew he wouldn’t be laying pancake blocks on NFL LBs like he was against St. Mary’s Tech University. You hit on all of the points that he’s a willing blocker with athleticism. He’s got great feet with a long frame. He should be able to get good angle blocks on the line and at 2nd level that should spring some big runs eventually.

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What are all their grades?