A couple of late-round WR's

Who do these guys remind you of?

Strachan is interesting. If he actually runs in the 4.4s at that size he’s unlikely to be a late rounder though.

Watch this block, he takes-out 3 guys:

Hopefully we have some late round picks to use on one of them! Right now we got nothin beyond round 5.

I know your talking late round WR’s here but I’m hoping we get at least one in the first 3 rounds.

Two guys whom I really like that will probably go round 2-3 are Kadarius Toney and Aman-Ra Brown.

This draft really is a deep WR class. I hope we don’t wait until round 6 to get one.

I want three. One round 1-2 outside guy, one round 3-4 or guy and one flyer that we take a shot on during day three on account of the depth. My ideal scenario is resign KG (or sign ARob) and fill out the room with QC and a bunch of young bucks.

I think we need one early and late, to be honest.

That kid you pointed out from Florida State is intriguing as well.

Plan A
Draft Smith
Sign Reynolds
Sign Samuel.
Rd 5 selection on flyer/deep threat.

Plan B(ronco)
Sign Corey Davis
Draft Eskridge rd 2
Sign Samuel

Plan C
Draft Smith
Sign Davis
Sign Samuel

Draft Waddle
Trade for Gallup
Draft Darden

Draft Waddle
Draft Moore
Draft Darden

Draft Moore (Round 2)
Draft Cade Johnson
Draft Dyami Brown

kind of thin/light build though.

That’s my favorite scenario. May need a veteran presence as a holdover but that’s a top 3 WR group by year 3.

It’s also the most explosive group in the league from day 1 in all likelihood.

Those are probably three of my favorite five WRs in this draft.

I think Cephus would still be a big part of it, and potentially a starter, as a big-bodied, catch point guy. But yeah, that’s making at least one of our units a major strength.

I don’t think I’d go that way myself unless the draft fell in a really specific way, but I wouldn’t hate it either.

You know how much I love Moore and Darden so I’m a bit biased. Waddle is fantastic as well of course.

I’m just of the mindset that getting Goff back to be a 100ish QBR type should be priority number 1.

Personally I think my favorite scenario is that Washington trade down scenario in Matt Miller’s mock but with us taking Darrisaw instead of Barmore.

Then we address WR twice on Day 2 with two picks remaining for D.

Then with 5 1sts over the following two years we can focus on D.

Yeah, I’m all for a trade down with SF, NE or Washington. I’d even consider it with Indy. There’s sure to be one of the receivers, Slater or Darrisaw, Parsons or JOK, Pitts, or Rousseau (who is starting to grow on me again) still available. And I think our first priority should be hoarding picks. I’m really jealous of Miami and all their picks right now (and I expect them to get a huge haul to move down from #3 as well).

I do think Tua is going to work for them but if not they’d be wise to use some of that draft capital on a high end veteran QB solution.

Personally I’d use it to draft another one if Tua doesn’t work out. QBs on rookie contracts are just so damn valuable. And QB’s hold their value better than any other position, so I bet Miami could flip Tua for a 1st or 2nd. Just look at what Wentz is about to bring back. Maybe Darnold too.

Not so fast, my friend. If Philly gets #50 from the Colts for Wentz, they done good, in my extraordinarily humble opinion.

It’s still good value in return for a QB on that ridiculous contract, but I agree it would be a decent move for Indy, only because Reich is there and their roster is stacked and those things should help to get the best out of him. But for some other team? I think a 2nd is way too much to give up.

I think there’s a fair chance that Golladay is gone, and so is Amendola. Marvin Jones may or may not also be gone, so the Lions might have to fill their top 3 WR spots. Maybe Marvin stays, but at this point that’s just conjecture; does he get a better contract from another team than what the Lions offer? Hard to say, but I’m leaning 60-40 for him to be gone too.

Which means (IMHO) the Lions may have to draft a starting WR early, and sign an FA too. They still have Geronimo Allison and Victor Bolden, can either one be consistently usable? I’d try to bring back Sanu, Marvin Hall, and Agnew, and maybe they can get some mileage out of Cephus and maybe even use Hunter Bryant in the slot or possibly Swift once in awhile.

Might they draft 2 WRs? Maybe, depends on which FAs they can sign. It’s not like they don’t have other needs, and they only have 6 picks at the moment. Maybe they pick up another one in a trade down or something, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Based on Jones off season comments I think he’s gone. Very good chance he ends up with Stafford.

Amendola won’t be back.

Golladay might be but I doubt it.

We’re over hauling our entire WR Corp.