A day to cool off before spouting

After watching my favorite SOL’s then tuning into the Saints and Cowboy wins, I’m more disappointed now then after the Lions loss.
Drew Brees, WOW, are you really 39? Dak, are you really only 25, a 4th round pick and in your 3rd season? Wow!
Mr. Stafford, what has happened? 10 year veteran? Why is it you look incompetent and make rookie mistakes?

This is not a pick on Stafford post. This goes back to game 1, when the Jets shared with the media they new all Detroit’s offensive plays before they ran them. Do you think this has changed in anyway? Maybe the opponents are smart enough to downplay this talk, but from my eyewitness account, I’m certain, most teams we play know exactly what each and every play we run, before we run it.

This falls on the shoulders of both MP and JBC. It starts with Matty P, if you’re a rocket scientist, you’re a failed one at that. When the Jets went on record of telling you they knew your offense, what did you do? Change the verbiage? Really? Does verbiage matter in film study? Hell I’ve watched the Lions games long enough to know what what each play can be run from each formation.

This falls squarely on the shoulders of JBC, the lack of creativity to open up the run game AND receiver routes is a complete embarrassment. Jim Bob, you’re in over your head! Why? Most importantly, why has the defensive minded rocket scientist not been capable of understanding this? Is it the stubborn belief that perfect execution wins. Well when your talent pool gets depleted as the season goes on, injuries do happen, the execution of the back ups will never be that of the starters. Something needs to be done to offer a chance to succeed. Look at the Bears as case in point. The Bears with a 2nd string QB on the road, 1 day of practice with the starters, what chance could he possibly have?

MP, what’s your focus? Stop the run? yes, you did that, however the Bears came out throwing the ball and continued to do so with a backup QB. Was it just me, or might this have seemed like practice in a red jersey for Daniels? How much time did he have in the pocket to find WIDE OPEN receivers? Why was this? Some creativity to throw the opponent off? Obviously! Did Nagy know our head coach was determined to stop the run at all costs? Obvious answer!

What did Nagy think the Lions offensive game plan would be after the 11 sack game 2 weeks ago? Max protect and quick throws? Who’s the rocket scientist now?

My first and last official JBC must go rant.

Why Cooter and not both MP AND Cooter. With the after super bowl hire of MP, there may not have been time or the right person available to bring in the OC that MP wanted, and with Stafford asking for JBC back, it may have been the only real viable option. I will wait and see what Patricia will do this offseason to make the necessary changes, a HC is responsible for the entire team, but he must be able to count on the OC and DC to be competent in their areas of expertise.
JBC is far from cometent.

This also falls on Stafford. He should be working with JBC to modify and adapt the offense and be able to read defenses.

He’s making more than triple what Cooter and Patricia combined and is supposed to be the leader of the offense and team

Under the circumstances I thought the Lions had a good game plan and that it was well executed until the team imploded.

Why is nobody talking about the defense getting two personal fouls on the late Chicago scoring drive? That was totally stooopid.

I thought Stafford did well until the INTs . Not sure who was at fault but the result was awful.

In my mind, MP and JBC get a pass on this one. The players couldn’t sustain for 60 minutes.

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I think a lot, not all tho, comes down to predictable play calling. We run the most standstill offense in all of football. Watch the Rams or Kansas City or even the saints, they run multiple formations and have guys in motion all the time. They use misdirection to confuse the defense. OneDrive yesterday we actually used movement on multiple plays and Miss direction and it resulted in a big play to Galladay, a big play to Riddick, and a TD.
The very next drive the only emotion we used was bringing Wilson from the tight end spot back to the fullback spot and then we ran for one yard. my son who doesn’t play or hardly watch football called The run play as soon as he saw the tight end moved to the backfield. That’s what you call predictability. Our play-calling gives 95% of the quarterbacks in football a below 50% chance of succeeding on any single play. Add into it we have no real ability by our receivers to create separation on their own, an offensive line that if you don’t get rid of the ball in 1.2 seconds you’re going to get sacked or pressured and you have an offense that goes nowhere fast. But don’t get me wrong, no no no mr. Stafford you are not off the hook on this either. If I can sit on my couch and see the Bears show blitz way early and realize you have single coverage on the outside then you at 27 million dollars sure as hell better be able to pick it up from standing behind center. The problem is, you don’t.